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February 25th 2017 10:42

New Vote reward system Individual for Every Java Server with Commands..!
Download it for FREE...

Also, if you...

February 17th 2017 11:13

Hello, Before 3 days we added SSL CERTIFICATE to our Toplist so everyone that using Vote reward system please edit your vote link like that:

http://   ----- >  https://

September 24th 2016 15:16

fixed an issue with the account panel when you trying to edit the rates/IPs/description

December 11th 2015 18:29

What is HTTP/2 and SPDY?

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the Web’s protocol and is based on SPDY, an experimental protocol designed for low-latency transport of content over the World Wide Web.

Both SPDY and HTTP/2 improve the way HTTP requests and responses are sent allowing for faster page load times.

HTTP/2 and SPDY improve page load times by:


September 30th 2015 17:18

We made some changes on our vote system :"Callback"


1) from now checks ip if unique or not.
2) if it is unqique ( maybe changed ip ), check ip log to see if callback user exist.
3) if this callback user voted already, deny the unique vote.



July 27th 2015 18:19

Hello community,

The l2network Team working to create some nice and smart widgets! We already cretaed the online/offline widget that you can easy customize with colors & etc....!! So login to

Your panel and give a try!

July 7th 2015 12:59


- Added Flag Counter generator for your Website! Customize your web counter visitor !



For any bugs send us msg!



July 6th 2015 03:02

- New Unique Changes to improve our TopList with Unique feautures are coming. Toplist the New Generation 2015 are coming! Stay Tuned

July 5th 2015 10:33
  • Skrill Payment Method Added
May 26th 2015 22:16

hello, we just added a TOP 5 upcoming Servers Rank!




for more Infos just skype us....

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