Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Questions:

Q. Who are we? is a list of Lineage2 Servers, server owners ask thier players to vote to help increase the rank in our server list. By default, we sort our database of servers by vote count numbers, highest to lowest.

Q. What is 'Active Today'?

Active Today is a table displayed next to the main list, it contains lineage2 servers that have been 'bumped' by the server owner. Bumps can be performed once a day for free members and once every 8 hours for Gold members. This feature is designed to help servers with no advertising budget to be able to grow thier userbase without paying on the front page of a large list.

Q. What does 'Players Delivered' mean?

Players Delivered is our metric used to determine the minimum amount of users we have sent to your server. To ensure that this number is an accurate representation, the same checks that are used for voting users are applied to players delivered. This number includes unique clicks on the 'Website' button and/or the 'WEBSITE' button and displayed in the User Control Panel. IP addresses copied from inside the box itself are not added to the total, this is why 'Total Players Delivered' is a minimum amount, the total is likely higher.

Q. What is Gold?

Gold is a paid membership service that grants additional benefits to your server: You are able to 'bump' your server three times a day (once every 8 hours) over the free memberships once a day. Your server will have a golden background on the main list. Your server will recieve an additional 10 votes on a daily basis. Your banner upload file size is increased 400KB. Priority support is given to users with Gold Membership.

Q. What is Sponsor?

Sponsor is a service which is designed to get maximum traffic to your server from the website traffic we provide, your server is placed in top5 servers The Sponsored servers are sorted by vote count, the same as the main list. Custom buttons are displayed. Guaranteed Players are provided to server who purchase a Sponsored Slot.

Q. How do I get more players on my Lineage2 Server?

We advice our users, who want to get the best out of our service, to follow these steps in order to get the most new players from our site (with no purchases of Gold or Sponsor):

Title - Keep it to the server name, short and sweet.

Description - List as many features as you can about your server, the more detail you can provide for users of our site the better.

Game Modes - Choose all the game modes that apply to your lineage2 server.

Custom Banner - Having a unique banner for your server shows you are commited to growing.

Get votes - the more votes you get, the higher you rank in the list, the more players that will join your server.

Q. How do I upload a larger banner?

All free accounts are aloud to upload a banner of up to 400KB without any additional charge. Purchasing Gold will allow you to have a banner upload size of up to 1MB (1000KB). Purchasing Sponsor will allow you to upload a banner of up to 5MB (5000KB), this has to be done via manual upload and so contact with support (via e-mail and/or skype preferably) to put your new banner on your account.

Q. How do I contact

You can find full contact details on our 'Contact Us' page, including: Skype, E-mail and social media.

Q. Where can I find your Legal Documentation?

To view our full documentation of 'Privacy Policy' please go to the following page:

To view our full documentation of 'Terms of Use' please go to the following page: