• Member Since: 2021-06-28 02:05:38
  • Server Owner: L2Heyday
  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status:
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x10 Adena: x10 Spoil: x10 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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  • Server Stability:
    good (42)
    meh (8)
    bad (4)
  • GM Behavior:
    good (39)
    meh (10)
    bad (5)
  • GM Activity:
    good (40)
    meh (10)
    bad (4)
  • Donation Options:
    good (40)
    meh (10)
    bad (4)
  • Farming Style:
    good (41)
    meh (8)
    bad (5)
  • Gameplay:
    good (39)
    meh (10)
    bad (5)
  • DDOS / BOT Protection:
    good (39)
    meh (9)
    bad (6)
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Server Description

EXP/SP: x50
Adena: x10
Drop: x10
Spoil: x10
Seal Stones: x5
Keymats Drop/Spoil: x1 with premium account x2
Manor: x5


Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 66%
Raid Boss EXP/SP: x50
Raid Boss Drop: x5
Epic Boss Drop: x1


Anti Heavy for Archers and Daggers
Max Players in clan 120
Alliance max 3
NPC Buffer with 2h buff duration
GM Shop up to B-Grade
Mana Potions (5 seconds Cooldown)
Auto-learn skills
Buff Slots (24, +4 extra with Divine Inspiration)
Auction House in NPC at all towns
Offline Stores
1st Class Transfer Reward D Grade gear
2nd Class Transfer Reward C Grade gear
3rd Class Transfer 700 Halisha's Mark
Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
Raid Informer NPC with real time RB status
Shift + Click Droplist on Monsters
Global Shout & Trade Chat
To bid for a Clan Hall required clan Level 8
To register on a Siege required Clan Level 5
Olympiad circle Weekly (7 days) .
Non-class 5 minimum participants to begin
Class based 9 minimum participants to begin
Flames of Invincibility cast 5 sec / duration 30 sec
Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS chance 40%
Earring of Orfen extra stats CON+1 MEN+1
Ring of Core extra stats CON+1 MEN+1