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  1. Hello, I read this article and heard your dissatisfaction with SouthSidde. I am a doctor with many years of experience, yes I can not prove it, but I can provide you with an electronic document on graduation from medical school and coaching from https://www.medicmind.co.uk/interview-online-course/ . I think this will be enough for my word to begin to mean something to you. You can visit the site yourself and check everything.
  2. I tried to finance a car today and (as expected) I got a horrible rate. For a 2011 Corolla for $12,000, I would have a 21% apr with 350$ payments. I am new to credit and have been working on it for around 5.5-6 months. I need a car, maybe not the one, but a car to commute to work and allow me to pick up more hours. They told me if I could stick with the high payments for 6 moths, I could refinance for better terms, but I don't know if that's just salesperson mumbo-jumbo, or genuine advice. I havent gone to my bank yet (local credit union) to see if they have better rates, but would you guys say that generally, it is ok to refinance 6 months later, or not so much?
  3. Hey there! Glacier Bay Products is one of the best in the industry with a superior and contemporary design. Combining style with cutting-edge technology, their products offer maximum functionality at minimum cost. Their commitment to innovation allows them to continually offer valuable features that make everyday plumbing tasks easier for users, if you read glacier bay product reviews you will see that most buyers are happy with their purchase.
  4. Hi all! Can you please tell me where I can get more detailed information about the venmo? Maybe you have experience using their services and can tell something about it?
  5. Hello! Any thoughts on how to find real jjshouse reviews? Thanks in advance for your answers and recommendations
  6. Hey. Today you can find a large number of food delivery services, but for myself I chose DoorDash, and I use their services with pleasure. They give me the opportunity to order food in the restaurant I need, and they deliver very quickly, and I can be sure that they will fulfill my order in full. I have never had a problem with them, but I am sure that if a problem with the order does happen, then it will be enough for me to contact customer service let them know about it, and they will fix the problem with my order.
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