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  1. Hey folks! Could you please tell me what is debt relief? I am in a really huge debt and I'm ready to consider any methods of getting rid of it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! If you want to get rid of your debt, you really have to make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time. Personally, it took me several years to get rid of all my debt. Unfortunately, I didn't know then about the existence of a silver lake financial company that can help you. But to start with, I think you should check out this article on is silver lake financial legit In it you will be able to find out if you should trust these guys and thus decide if you should use their services.
  3. Hi, my boyfriend and I are starting our ring shopping journey and we are interested in getting our rings custom designed through a local jeweler. We are both Asian American and would love to support AAPI (women-owned, if possible) independent jewelry designers in our area. Does anyone have any recommendations on any local jewelers/businesses we could look into? It’s totally okay if they aren’t AAPI, or women-owned, just a bonus!
  4. The Entrust Group is a self-directed IRA custodian, which means that they provide administrative and custodial services for individuals who wish to hold alternative investments, such as real estate or private equity, in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs). They were founded in 1983, and are headquartered in Oakland, California. Their services include setting up self-directed IRAs, administering account transactions, and providing education and resources to help their clients make informed investment decisions. But before you start using the services of this company, I strongly recommend that you read these The Entrust Group reviews. It's important to understand that these reviews are written by real people, so you can easily decide for yourself if you should use the services of this company.
  5. Men uzoq vaqtdan beri qo'shimcha daromad manbaiga ega bo'lish uchun sportga pul tikishni boshlashni xohlardim. Xo'sh, men qiziqdim, sportga pul tikish qiyinmi? Javoblaringiz uchun oldindan rahmat!
  6. Hi. Just the same, if you bought yourself a new car, in addition to the fact that you have to take out insurance on it, you should also think about taking out an extended warranty on it, because it gives you the opportunity not to worry about the fact that because of an auto mechanic error you will have to repair the car at your own expense, because the warranty will cover all costs. To learn more about this, you might want to check out these Select Auto Protect reviews. Personally, I as well as many other people have been satisfied with this extended car warranty. I hope my answer is helpful to you!
  7. Hello everyone. If you want to buy good cosmetics, then check out Il Makiage, which produces excellent cosmetics. All products of the company undergo a series of laboratory tests before being sold so that customers receive only high-quality products that will perfectly care for their skin and do not cause any allergic reactions. You can order cosmetics from il makiage by visiting their official website or by contacting customer support.
  8. Are there any users on this forum who have used the aforementioned meal delivery service? Were you satisfied with the service? Was the food tasty? I look forward to hearing from you!
  9. Hello everybody, i'll just get right into it: credit card 1 - $9700 balance at 14.99 (min pay 200) credit card 2 - $3500 balance at 10.90 (min pay 90) credit card 3 - $3200 balance at 0% until 11/2015 22.99 after (min pay 65) credit card 4 - $7500 balance at 11.99 (min pay 140) have been paying 200 auto loan 1 - $2500 at 2.99% (min pay 67) auto loan 2 - $7600 at 2.99% (min pay 146) medical bill 1 - $1750 at 0% (min pay 65) (no interest until Feb 2016, not sure what rate after) The credit card 3 was a balance transfer deal that cleared out our Sears/Lowes/Capital one card that all had 22-26% apr. Additional detail that is a big contributing factor, my wife is 6 mo's pregnant (yay 1st baby!) and we're really concerned that our cash flow will struggle to have the new added expenses, (health insurance premium plus new medical bill and obviously baby-related things) We've been prepaying the doctor bill ($237/m) until 1/2015 that covers prenatal and delivery, but i'm not sure what bill will come after the actual delivery from the hospital itself? Some other notes, we have about $4000 monthly income after tax, and our budget currently covers about $2400 for everything (mortgage, utilities, grocery, car insurance, health/dental insurance) out of the $1600 remaining we've been paying the debts above about $850/m with $237 going to the doctor's office and saving the last 400-500, we have about 2000 in the checking account, which we try to keep $1500 as our "zero" just as the backup that has covered more misc expenses (oil change/new tire/pet vet visits/life curb-ball fund) We also have planned expense of around 1000 to get all the baby things we need. So basically, is a debt consolidation loan of ~$35000 a good idea to get out monthly outgoing reduced and possibly save on interest in the long run? A lot of our debt buildup was from living way outside our means after some employment changes from 2008-2013, but we have not been adding any new debts during 2014 (aside from the baby medical) and we've gotten the budget back under control so we're not actually using any credit cards to pay for anything in almost a year. My credit union (Navy Federal) has a 13.25% apr for 61-180 mos offer, is that decent, is there a target rate I could go for that makes a huge difference in our numbers?
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