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  1. World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch was, euphemistically, one of the most chaotic releases in World of Warcraft history, owing to massive bans, long queues on crowded servers, and Blizzard's slow response times. Despite the impact all of these factors have had on the extremely loyal World of Warcraft community, long wait times remain the biggest unresolved issue for players in WOTLK Classic, with many paying a regular subscription fee just to get a few hours into to spend the snake. On September 13th, Blizzard announced that WOTLK Classic will receive two new servers. While the US servers get the PvP realm Angerforge, the European servers get another troll realm, Jin'do. While this is a step in the right direction that could save the WOTLK Classic release from total ruin, Blizzard still has a long way to go before the game meets the minimum standard of almost no wait times. With even Blizzard itself stating that wait times could get worse and set to hit a new high at the official global release on September 26th,then you can buy wotlk gold from https://www.wowwotlkgold.com/, it's important to address the issue of long queues and server overcrowding to ensure that on the day the release everything is fine. It is to be hoped that Blizzard will take the concerns raised by the community seriously and address this serious and persistent issue that could be slowing down even the most die-hard Blizzard fans.
  2. Wotlk – World of Warcraft The Lich King is the second largest expansion following The Burning Crusade. It is one of the best expansions, and many people, especially novice players who felt disappointed due to the difficulty during BC, and Vanilla has been ruling the game, thanks to the loot pinatas. In this competitive game, a player has to invest a huge amount of time and conscious playing effort to strategically increase their winning chance. Gold is the most important in-game currency which exists in the game. There is no other resource that is as valuable as gold in this game. Having enough gold will help you advance through the levels with ease, and it will only help you to make even more gold. It will help you buy new characters and help you enhance their abilities to make them much more efficient. With a sufficient amount of gold, you will be unstoppable and excel in every aspect of the game, beating every level with ease. So, players spend much of their time farming and cultivating this gold in an organic way. But most of these players don't know they can buy Wotlk gold for a low price instead of wasting their time farming only a small amount of gold. As we have discussed, wotlkclassicgold is the best place to buy Wotlk gold for a low and reasonable price. People from numerous countries all over the world visit Wowion to get their gold from authentic and trustworthy buyers at a lower price. It is one of the largest platforms that provide gold and is the only platform to provide services at a reasonable cost, higher speed, and complete transparency in the processing of orders. One of the reasons why Wow players consider wotlkclassicgold as their favorite place to buy Wotlk gold is because of the user-friendly interface. Let us see how you can place your first order of Wotlk gold on the wotlkclassicgold platform. How To Place Your First Order In wotlkclassicgold It is an easy process to make an order request for Wotlk coins. However, we have included easily understandable steps for you to make your first order without any trouble. Go to the wowion.com webpage, where you access all the content and resources of Wow games apart from buying gold. The next step is to decide on the expansion. If you want to buy gold for Shadowlands, you have to press the down arrow on the top left corner of the screen. It will show a drop-down list from where you can select WoW Shadowlands. If you want to buy gold for WoW The Lich King, aka Wotlk, you can skip this step because Wotlk will be the default expansion while you enter the website. On the top left corner, below the WoW The Lich King section, click on the Wotlk gold. It will navigate you to a webpage where you can actually order the gold. You can switch between Gold and TBC Gold on the top corner of the screen. Now, on the right side, you can see an order box that we are going to use to request the order. The first step is to select the region. People from the region of the European Union can click on the EU option, and those from other regions can go with NA. The next step is to choose between the Alliance or Horde. This step totally depends on you, and choose what you think suits your characters the best. Now, you have to select the gold type you wish to buy. There will be four different types of gold in the Wotlk TBC gold section. TBC, Retail, Osrs, and Albion are the four different types of gold available for you to purchase for your Wotlk game account. Click on the TBC or Retail, which will be the default gold types. A drop down menu will appear. Click on your desired gold type and proceed to the next step. Select the server of your game account. Each player can have different servers connected to their game account. So, it is suggested to check your game server before you enter it because inaccurate data might cause problems. Once you are certain with your gamer to sever, you can either type them under the section called Server or choose one from the drop-down list. In the next section, enter your character name. Make sure you have entered accurate information. After that, you have to enter the amount and fix your budget. Once you have fixed these data, click on the Buy Now option below. It will take you to another webpage where you can fill up your money transaction details. This will only take a brief time before your order has been updated in the queue. Accepted Payment Systems Wotlkclassicgold accepts multiple payment systems to be able to offer service to the maximum number of Wotlk game players. The most important payment system they accept and use is PayPal. PayPal allows you to complete your purchase smoothly and swiftly, which is followed by other important payment systems like credit cards and cryptocurrency.
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