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  1. So we have just finished our Beta test which went pretty well. Now we will prepare the server for official launch and do a little more testing to ensure a good gameplay for all of you! GRAND OPENING ON 03-10-2020 AT 17:00 GMT+0 Join our Discord channel for most up to date news, discussions and upcoming prize draws that will take place between 28 of September and 3 of October!
  2. Beta test starts today! We invite anyone interested to look around. Server will be open in test mode for a whole week!
  3. Update: Starting 2 new events, read more on our discord!
  4. L2 BattleZone Interlude x12 L2BattleZone is a brand new project rather than another 2-monthly restart, with opportunity for a fresh start! Game focus is Craft / PVP and server is here to stay for long time without wipes planned. We intend to keep the server as much community driven as possible, with votes regarding features and changes. OPEN BETA - 18-25 SEPTEMBER SERVER START - 3 OCTOBER Main features: Rates: XP x12 SP x12 Adena x9 Drop x8 Spoil x8 Features: Shop up to B grade Npc buffer Auto events
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