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  1. **What is the Fraternity Club House?** Fraternity Club House is an NFT Collection hand-drawn assets by **Gargandu** and randomly generative art with over 200 complex traits. The members that form a fraternity share their efforts, friendship, and knowledge to each other. Using **Web3** + NFTs, this white label is able to create a unique metaverse experience that encourages individuals to collaborate and create meaningful stories using current technology. Our vision is to build our brand together using this new technology when the world is fully ready for web3 & the Metaverse. **When is the Mint date ?** *Fraternity Alumni will be minting with ERC721A contract on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be executed in two phases.* **How many supplies the Collection have ?** A collection of 10,000 hand-drawn collectibles avatars colonized on the Ethereum blockchain & hosted on IPFS and gives you membership to The House and the METAVERSE. **What's The House ?** The House is member-only area that will give you access to our • EcoSystem & The Chapter• Website: https://fraternityclubhouse.xyz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlumniClubHouse Discord: https://discord.gg/yuDfpMkX5b
  2. Wall Street mega-bank JP Morgan has co-developed a private, permissioned version of the ethereum network. The project, presented during a meeting of the Hyperledger technical steering committee last month, was recently demonstrated during the Sibos convention in Geneva. source: Coindesk
  3. whats the issue ? can you show us a shot?
  4. this happening because the login session expired for security reasons by IPS
  5. hello, this login required is a feauture that allow us to give the unique rating star and emoji system to the players, without this system then fake votes, bots will harm our toplist
  6. We got an issue with vote page we trying to find out the bug we will be back shortly!!!
  7. Update and Improvements - New Deposit System added to our Toplist to be easier and quicker your orders. - Vote Credit system has been added. ***Vote Credit system: its a system that reward the owners with Credits when they using our vote reward system and working based on their votes! What you can do with this Credits? you can buy premiums and Sponsor slots Website: https://l2network.eu/ Added 2 more payment methods -Stripe -Cryptocurrency
  8. Create now your Clan Club and find new Crew for your Lineage2 Clan! Create a Club
  9. we have update our vote system to be more safe and easy to use for our players! 1) for now on you can only server rate once with rating stars and emoji system, that's mean we upgrade our security system so we can check your vote 2) we have reset remove the multiple rating stars votes so this will be unique for every player ID! 3) fixed the issue with the register page and login area
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