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  1. Create now your Clan Club and find new Crew for your Lineage2 Clan! Create a Club
  2. we have update our vote system to be more safe and easy to use for our players! 1) for now on you can only server rate once with rating stars and emoji system, that's mean we upgrade our security system so we can check your vote 2) we have reset remove the multiple rating stars votes so this will be unique for every player ID! 3) fixed the issue with the register page and login area
  4. hello and welcome, we working on to find our why you get that issue
  5. 1) First you need to sign up to our forum https://l2network.eu/forums/index.php?/login/ 2) validating your email that we send you 3) push the button Rate Server 4) Create a review based on our Emoji system and Confirm and vote
  6. hello, please try again and let us know the results
  7. From now on we added a required login before you vote to avoid the proxy votes and cheating !!! Added rating emoji system for the servers to display the quality of the server based of the players !!!
  8. Quests Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts 0 Herald See Description Clan Leader, Clan Level 5 or above, 1 h. before the Clan Hall War Competition for the Bandit Stronghold 0 Herald See Description
  9. Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions Tutorial: Blue Gemstones 0 - Unknown Reward No requirements Brothers Bound in Chains 1 - 90 Dark Judge 1 PK count above 0 Cleaning-up the Grounds 1 - 20 Newbie Guide Scroll of Escape (Novice) — 10 pcs. 260,000 6,000 Necklace (Novice)
  10. Kind of mission Mission Restrictions Terms of completion Reward Repeating Daily Hunting I (Lv. 1-20) Character lvl 1-20 Kill 30 monsters. Daily quest. A reward is given for killing any 30 monsters. Monsters below character for 5 or more levels are not counted. Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit Event — 1 pcs. Jewel Coin — 5 pcs. Repeating Daily Hunting I (Lv. 21-40) Character lvl 21-40 Kill 30 monsters. Dail
  11. If you do not read these rules your server will get disabled. If you log in our website using proxy or dedicated servers, your server will be disabled. If you are not the server admin. DO NOT add the server! 1. Server must be Online to get approved. 2. Multiple accounts are forbidden. Do not add the same server 2 times to the same account or different accounts, both servers will be disabled. 3. Servers must be FREE Public servers. You can have any registration method, but the public must be allowed to play for free. 4. No illegal or crap info allowed in the listing form. 5. No
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