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2 New fresh realms added in WotLK Classic

martha lin

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World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch was, euphemistically, one of the most chaotic releases in World of Warcraft history, owing to massive bans, long queues on crowded servers, and Blizzard's slow response times. Despite the impact all of these factors have had on the extremely loyal World of Warcraft community, long wait times remain the biggest unresolved issue for players in WOTLK Classic, with many paying a regular subscription fee just to get a few hours into to spend the snake.

On September 13th, Blizzard announced that WOTLK Classic will receive two new servers. While the US servers get the PvP realm Angerforge, the European servers get another troll realm, Jin'do.

While this is a step in the right direction that could save the WOTLK Classic release from total ruin, Blizzard still has a long way to go before the game meets the minimum standard of almost no wait times.

With even Blizzard itself stating that wait times could get worse and set to hit a new high at the official global release on September 26th,then you can buy wotlk gold from https://www.wowwotlkgold.com/, it's important to address the issue of long queues and server overcrowding to ensure that on the day the release everything is fine.

It is to be hoped that Blizzard will take the concerns raised by the community seriously and address this serious and persistent issue that could be slowing down even the most die-hard Blizzard fans.

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