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Adding a Server Rules

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"Adding a server" rules :

Note: Any of the IP's in these ranges can not be used for your listing. These are nonroutable LAN addresses. - - -

Due to the way that Hamachi works we are unable to list these servers.

Your server will always appear offline to us and we can not list it.

If you are not the server admin. DO NOT add the server.

How to add a server to the list

1 ) DO NOT DELETE A SERVER AND RE-ADD IT. You can change/edit almost everything you want for your server by going to "MyHome " button. DO NOT DELETE THE SERVER JUST TO CHANGE INFO OR OTHER DETAILS.

2 ) DO NOT CHEAT THE VOTES. We do daily lookup over them, take them one by one. The consequences of vote cheating are: server gets banned and you won't be allowed to ad any other server on l2network .

3 ) Before you get approval your website will be reviewed and we will be looking for the l2network vote banner. So please add it immediatelly after completing the "add server" following these steps: MyHome and click on "vote code".

4 ) You must have a working website or a forum (Homepage) for users to contact you.

Third party chats are not acceptable means of contact.

(Hopzone is NOT to be used for your player support, game play support - players must be able to contact you for that support)

(Invalid links will cause server deletion at approval)

5 ) DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT US IN ANY WAY. Doing this represents lack of respect for managers l2network and we're not born yesterday.

6) Vote banner

    a). Network banner must be publicly displayed on your homepage.

    B). Vote link/banner may not be in any script, program, launcher, loader, updater, floating, etc...

    c). Voting banner MUST BE ON your homepage.

    d). The Network vote banner MUST be found on your homepage.


If you plan not to use the voting banners we provide (because of various reasons), the banner must contain our name (Network) not "vote" or "vote for us".

7 )  No illegal or crap info allowed in the listing form.

- those things are checked before they arrive in the list

- submitting false IP, port, website info will get your server banned.

That's kinda all . In time i'll think those rules will grow up!

Your use of this forum or any other address owned or operated by Network affirms your acceptance of the above rules.

These rules may change at any time without warning.

Thank You and Happy Gaming

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