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Discord Automation Tool | Mass DM/Spammer/Account Manager

Poseidon Services

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Discord Automation Tool | Mass DM/Spammer/Account Manager/Inviter | Poseidon Services

Discord automation tool (Parsing group, Auto Messaging, Email accounts checker + Installation and help guide : 100 Euro lifetime
Discord Email Accounts aged 2015-2020 Verified 10 Euro each (1 account Can send 500+ DM messages without getting ban)


Other Advertisement Services by Poseidon:
1.000 DM Messages 30 Euro
10.000 DM Messages 275 Euro
30.000 DM Messages 700 Euro

Everything is automated you don't need to do anything u just give me the server you want to Advertise on and the message and I do the rest.

300 Max Target Servers
You decide how many and which servers you want to target for your campaign

Customizable Message
We can put it any message you like!

Direct Message Marketing
We bring you the highest quality service designed for messaging users via Discord. Grow your audience and reach out to over 250 million potential customers and clients!

This is handle manually
after your order placed, We will start process your order within 12 ~ 24 hours

Payment method: Bitcoin

Email: poseidon.servicesl2@gmail.com

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