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Haysllan Carneiro

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For Any Player/Clan/Constant Party (CP) who Just Joined in Our Server from another server, we will Giving a Starter Bonus for them.
The Condition is :
1. 1 reward per IP / Not a box (We will check the HWID). So please dont try to Abuse it :slight_smile:
2. PM [GM]Mr.Kayden on Discord for Confirmation. And Gives NickName & ScreenShoot In Game.

The Reward Box Newbie Pack Contains Of :
:Maphr Rune 100% 7 Days x1 
:Bloody Freeya Rune x1
Ticket Weapon +15 x1
:Ticket Armor +8 x1 
All Soul crystal lv. 10 x1 
Lilith + Anakim Sc lv. 10 x1 
Gem R x1000 
Adena x100m 
Gold Bar 100 
Freeya Ice Rose x500 
Valiant scrol x500 
White Potion x500 
Dandy Challange x500 
Soulshot no Weight SSR/BSSR x500k 
Brooch 45 Days + All Jewel gem 30days 
Tiat Bel +10 x1 
Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 x1 
Book Artifact Lv.1 x1 
Superior Seed Bracelet 30 Day x1 

Notes : Use The Ticket Weapon & Armor in Aden. Npc name "Snake"

 Please PM [GM]Mr.Kayden on Discord for Confirmation. Dont forget to read #📒gameplay-changes #📒newbie-guide #📒farm-zone #📒event  #📢announcements #📢daily-announcement 
Bring you clan mates here, and once again Unite and rule the ELMORE Kingdom.
Thank you @everyone

Regards Lineage2.id Team

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