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Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude

Pvp server based in Good vs Evil project. We have two factions Angels and Demons, rewarding item from killing player from enemy Faction is Victim’s Skull. All economy system based in pvp reward item (Trade with npc-Players etc). No custom mods, build for pvp and not for quests, spoil, craft and all other rpg server stuff..

ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry:

Safe +5
Max +21/+20/+20


Normal 70% Bless 75%, from +15 Normal 60% Bless 65%

Server Commands:

.menu: All options will be thear.

Professions: Free (Npc)

Faction Raid Boss respawn 12h
Drops : Victim’s Skulls, Scrolls,Ls, Clan Items.


NGS : 5%
Mid  : 10%
High: 15%
Top: 20%

Buffs / Buffer

Number of slots: 40
Number of debuff slots: 6
The duration of the buff: 2 hrs
All buffs, dances, songs, specials and buffs for pets
Full recovery: MP, CP and HP
Auto Nobles after Death.


Consumables and items grade B free.

All others for Victim’s Skulls

Custom Items:

Tattoos : +5% Stats.

Dynasty Weapons and Armors.

Vip items and Hero Items.

Custom Skins.

And many more, join us to discover them…

join us in http://l2doll.com/

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