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From the fishing guild


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From the fishing guild, we can find various items that can help through instruction. There are free spawns with rods, nets, cages, and harpoons as well as a cooking choice for people who wish to make their food. From the guild, you will also discover a fishing shop with feathers and bait provide. It is possible to sell your cooked and raw fish to Roachey running Fishing Guild store. On account of the distance between the bank and fishing areas that this location is excellent for people who wish to train on Sharks, Lobsters, Tunas and Swordfish.

From the northern platform, players may also find an NPC Kylie Minnow. If you are wearing complete Angler outfit, then have 82 fishing and finished Fishing Competition pursuit she is able to transport one to Minnow catching platform. Within this region, you can catch Minnow from among the four spots which afterwards can be traded for Raw Sharks at 40:1 ratio.

3 TICK FISHING Technique. If you would like to make the most of your experience gains during Fishing you'll be able to use this method. Manipulating ticks within the game by stopping certain animations and resuming them at the right time can make your skill and make xp quicker. This will let you gain extra fish while training that will make your leveling process faster.

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