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PVP World starts this Thursday!

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General Info: Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Events, Custom Items, Mass PvP!

Website: [url]http://l2pw.com/[/url]
Forum: [url]http://l2pw.com/forum[/url]

Chronicle 6 - Interlude
Rates x9999
Starting & Subclass level - 80
Free noblesse status on starting
Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP)
Starting system - Press couple buttons and you ready to play
Alt+B Community Board with everything you need (Shop, Buffer, Etc)
Anti-Bot Protection SmartGuard & Captcha

Enchant limit +6
No Custom S-Grade Items
Augmented Items disabled
Class battles are disabled
Required 5 players to start match
Skills reused after every match
Ranks updates after every match
Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 [GMT+3]
Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+3]
Hero obtain hero skills in all sub-classes

[color=#FF0000]ENCHANT RATES[/color]
Safe Enchant: +5
Max Simple/Blessed +20 
Max Crystal +25 
Simple Scrolls 80%
Blessed Scrolls 100%
Crystal Scrolls 100%
Max skill enchant +10
Skill enchant chance 80%

Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 15%
Max 1 Active + 1 Passive
Removed chance and magic attack skills
Augment skills restricted from olympiad

Sieges duration 60 minutes
There are 3 castle sieges (Giran, Rune, Aden)
Sieges are scheduled everyday 20:00-00:00
Passive skill added for castle owners as reward
Leader crown of the castle stats = Donate Hat

[color=#FF0000]AUTO EVENTS[/color]
Last Man Standing
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Raid in the Middle
Events Scheduled Every 1 Hour

[color=#FF0000]CUSTOM ITEMS[/color]
Apella Armors
Dynasty Armors (TOP)
Mix of Dusk/Icarus/Epic Weapons
Unique Hair Accessories with HP/CP Boost

[color=#FF0000]PVP ZONE[/color]
Chaotic Zone
Changing every 2 hours
After death random spawn in same zone

[color=#FF0000]RAID BOSSES[/color]
There are 10 Raid Bosses
Respawn time 1-2 hours
All Chaotic Zones
After death you will be teleported only after 60 secs
Raid Bosses Drops:
- Adena 40-60k
- Donate Coin 8%
- Crystal Weapon 50%
- Crystal Armor 100%
- Epic Jewerly 100%
- Dynasty Part 100%
- Top Grade Life Stones 10-20
- Giant Codex 20
- Clan Reputation 100%

All clan penaltys removed
Clan after creation: 5 level
Maximum players in clan - 40
Maximum clans in ally - 1
Removed Royals & Knights
Clan skills affect all members regardless of rank

[color=#FF0000]OTHER INFO[/color]
Auto Learn Skills & Auto Loot
Stackable BOG/LS/Scrolls
No Consume Shots/Arrows/Potions
No Grade and Weight penalty
No Sub-Class Quest
No Noblesse Quest
Free Class Change
6 Max Sub-Classes
99 Buff Slots
10 Seconds Unstuck
Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% 
Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% 
Spawn Protection
Anti-Heavy for Archer & Dagger
Drop Items At Karma
Offline Shop System
PvP KillingSpree System
Unique Economy System
Stable Platform (aCis)
Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes
Full interlude geodata / pathnode

Website: [url]http://l2pw.com/[/url]
Forum: [url]http://l2pw.com/forum[/url]


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