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We would like to announce great news about Lineage2 Interlude X150 early summer Season Opening at 2017 May 13!
New season - new opportunity! It is new chance for old and new players to get whatever they want. Chance to be one of server leaders, lead for clan, occupy castles, be first of PVP or PK lists, find new friends and the most important thing - spend great time!
Let's meet summer holidays earlier with best experience!

Hardcore Warfire X150 Season Start:
2017 June 17 20:00 GMT+3!

Automatic registration on game login window, unnecessary registration in website!

Hardcore Season Opening Bonus
- First 30min after start all players after first class changing will get Romantic Chapeau!
- First 30min after start and 2nd class changing all players will get Vip Coin!
- First hour(20:00-21:00) after 3rd class changing all players will get Caradine Letter 4th part!


How to connect STEP BY STEP:
1. Install clear Lineage2 Interlude client
2. Download our patch, delete old system folder and add our
3. Delete, turn off anti virus or add our system folder to anti virus exceptions
4. Run l2.exe from Lineage2/system
5. Enter data on login window and enjoy the game!

* You have to remove, turn off or use exceptions of antivirus because of our security protection. It is not a virus.
* If you have connection issues with Windows 8 or 10, press right mouse button on l2.exe icon, press Properties, choose compatibility and unmark compatibility mode.

Special Clans EVENT!
Clans which have 8 clan level get free clan skills! For reward contact with our support!

Hearts of War EVENT!
Collect War Hearts from Hot Springs monsters: Yeti, Buffalo, Antelope, Bandersnatch, Atroxspawn, Flava, Nepenthes, Grendel (3%), Atrox with (6%) and Heart Breaker Boss in Hot Springs Stage 2! You can trade it, sell it or spend in shop!
Raid Boss Heart Breaker spawn every 4 hours (+4 hours random)


Custom Raid Boss drop list:
- Raid Boss Horus, Ember and Brakki, Nakondas: 1 VIP COIN (25%) | Korim (70%).

- Raid Boss Apepi, Shacram, Atraiban, Korim: 1 BEWS (10%).

- Raid Boss Glaki, Olkuth: 1-2 BEAS (40%).

- Raid Boss Golkonda, Galaxia: 1-3 BEAS (60%).

- Raid Boss Shyeed: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 BEAS (40%) | 1-5 TOP LS 76 (50%).

- Raid Boss Shuriel: 1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (60%).

- Raid Boss Ashakiel: 1-2 BEWS (30%) |  1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (75%).

- Raid Boss Antharas Priest Cloe: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 TOP LS 76 (70%).
- Hestia: Demon Splinters / Forgotten Blande (30%).

- Ember: Arcana Mace / Draconic Bow (30%).

- Galaxia: Angel Slayer / Heaven's Divider (30%)

* First server heroes will be formed after June 24 fights!

Take your friends, clan, alliance, enemys, sharp your swords, clean your armors and meet your destiny at Hardcore Season 2017 June 17 20:00 GMT+3!



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