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l2java L2PvPArea x250 H5 the best mid-pvp server reborn! Opening: 09-06-17

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Welcome to the reborn of the best mid-PvP server.

New staff, new chronicle, new items, improved features...

Custom balance checked class by class, skill by skill.


~ General Rates ~


- XP 250x

- SP 250x

- Party XP 2x

- Party SP 2x

- Adena 1000x (Private Shops with Gold Coins)

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quest's Free

- 28+4 Buffs and 16 Dance/Songs Slots

- Global Gatekeeper and NPC Buffer in All towns

- Heroes period 2 weeks

- Full GM Shop, Gold Shop, Silver Shop, Donation Shop, Vote/PvP Shop, Report manager, Noblesse manager, Hero manager...



~ Enchant Rates ~


Safe Enchant: +3/+4

Max Enchant: +16

Normal enchant chance: 60%

Blessed enchant chance: 70%

Divine enchant chance: 100%

Stone/Crystal chance: 60/40 (Max lvl 7)


~ Server Areas ~


- Level Area (3 spawns)

- Silver Area (2 areas)

- Gold Area (2 areas)

- PvP Area (2 spawns Auto-flag)


~ Miscellaneous ~


- Grand Bosses level 85 with respawn 24h

- Custom Bosses level 80/85 with respawn 6h

- Hidden Custom Bosses with special drops

- Shining weapons/armor can be obtained from Bosses, TvT Coins(FA) and Vote Coins

- Olympiad, TvT, PvP and Pk anti feed system enabled

- Bot farm Protect(captcha system)

- TvT every hour (PvP Counts!) with some random maps and Fame reward on each kill

- Drop info doing shift+click




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