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L2Java Lineage II Revenge

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Chronicle: Interlude

TYPE: MID/PVP and a little bit of low


Experience is setted to x75

SP is setted to x75

Adena rate is x10 but of course much zones are boosted ( more informations below)



Max :16 for weapon and 6 for armor and jewels


Normal= 67% (Max +16)

Blessed= 77% (Max +16)

Divine Scrolls= 100% (Max +16)

Augmentation= Mid grade Lifestone:10% chance,High grade Lifestone 15% chance,Top Grade Lifestone 20% chance

Starting Level = 20 at Giran Castle Town (The main town) with full D grade gear mana potions and such stuff


Misc Shop : Get Consumables

Armor Shop: Get Armors till S grade with adenas

Weapon Shop: Get weapons till S grade with Adenas (A/S Weapons are without S/A)

Elven Scrolls shop : Sells quest items for nobless with exhange of elven scrolls, you can make S/A your weapon there,you can get Lifestones (Mid,High),secret books of giants and accessorys too.

Special Shop: Sells L2Revenge Weapons in exhange of 3 raid tokens

Unique Shop: Donation items that you can get from there (1 donate ticket = 1 euro)(donations will be closed for the first 2 weeks of the server)

Honor Points exchange for items (Honor points feature will be explained bellow)

Vote Tickets exchange for items

Jewellery Shop: Get jewls till S grade

Augmentor: Augment your gear,Enchant your skills

Buffer: full aio buffs (Cov is 1 hours, Renewal champion Siren is 15mins and cat/pony 5 mins)

Clarrisa the gate keeper: Travel to the most important locations of the game

Leatherworker: Get titanium set or upgrade titanium set to Epic Set

Custome items:

Custome currencies for farming items (Also adenas are important for the PVE and farming)

Armor : Titanium, its the level 1 armor and its slittly better than S grade

Armor: Epic its the top armor of L2 The Revenge, its a little better than Titanium

Weapons: Revenge Weapons ( They are a little better from s grade but granded with double S/A)

Honor points system:

Each pvp is rewarded with random honor points exchangable at Unique shop for various items.

Subclass is without quest


It is with quest but you can start it from part too since quest items are on the shops and are exchangable for votes or elven scrolls

Buffs: Buffs are 35 with divine and debuffs are 6 also all buffs are 1 hour and buffer produces only basic prophet buffs, basic songs and basic dances.

Boosted Zones for newbies ( For Xp and Adena)

Death Pass, Ruins of Despair, Antharas Lair, Dragon Valley, Hot Springs, Valley of Saints

Elven fortress:

Elven fortress is a very important zone, you can level up only there if you wish not to travel from places to places

First rooms are clearly for xp rest rooms are for materials of armor sets (farm) combined with elven scrolls.. 

At the last room are located 2 mini bosses that are droping blessed scrolls and Raid Tokens ( for weapons)

Primeval Isle:

Is the second important zone of our server. There you will farm Epic Armor Craft materials and Titanium Recipes (So you can build titanium armor with them)

Note: Recipes can be farmed also from vote shop The Siren Egg: The most powerfull currency of the game and it is usefull for Epic Armor set is dropped from all T-Rex on Primeval Isle

Monastery of Silence (Easy):

And it this place is the last important one.. This zone is boosted and each monster drops from 6-8 million adenas and raid tokens with chance 5%

Monastery of Silence Deep (Hard):

This zone is boosted and each monster drops from 8-11 million adenas and raid tokens with chance 5%

Grand Bosses are retail like spawn and respawned but their droplist is a little bit changed:

All grand bosses drop their jewls but also they drop divine scrolls, blessed raid tokens and weapons

Some bosses are droping also raid tokens ( Check NPC Server Info: at the starting spawn)

Olympiad Armors added (you can participate on oly and with A grade default armors, but olympiad weapons and jewls is a must)

Now olympiad is weekly Max Gear A grade, no custom items no nothing

Olympiad Armors:

Light/heavy same stats and visually as Tallum Set

Robe same stats and visually as Dark Crystal Robe

Olympiad Armors got +25 more p.def more from normal A grades, you can also join olympiad with normal A grades but.. you cant

without olympiad weapons and jewels!


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