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L2Java L2Ghost Full Custom PvP Online NOW

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Safe: +5
Max Armor: +26
Max Weapon: +26
Normal Enchant: 80% Chance
Blessed Enchant: 100% Chance
Special Enchant: 100% Chance
With Special enchant you can go from 20 to +26. If the enchant fails, the item won't lose the previous enchant valor.
No Grade Lifestone
5% Chance
Mid Grade Lifestone
10% Chance
High Grade Lifestone
15% Chance
Top Grade Lifestone
20% Chance
Max Augments per char: 1 active + 1 passive from lifestones
Custom Items:
Excess Armors
Icarus Weapons
32 Special Hats
Moirai Armors
Valakas Weapons
Fighter Tattoo
Eternal Armors
Antharas Weapons
Mage Tattoo
Custom NPC
Symbol Maker
Custom Gatekeeper
Donate Manager
Subclass Changer
Class Manager
Wedding Manager
Siege Manager
Skill Enchanter
Custom Shop
Gm Shop
Ranking Manager
Noblesse Npc
Special Features:
New commands that you can use in-game.
Pvp zone with nobless. 
Special npc's ( see above). 
Custom farm zones. 
Custom droplist on Raid Bosses. 
Main town: Giran.
Special items ( see them in-game). 
Other & Custom Systems:
New character start with 500kk adena
Max Subclasses = 3
All skills working
Starting lvl 1
Spawn protection: 30s
Custom NPC in Clan Halls
Buff time: 3 hours
Max Buffs: 44+4
Max P.atk Speed: 1500
Max M.Atk Speed: 1999
Olympiad: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+2, every week hero
Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance)
Raid Bosses Jewels in Custom Shop )
Pvp color system on Name & Tittle
Custom Zones
Custom pvp zone: Auto nobles, Auto Respawn
Chance to drop on Karma: 10%
Wedding System
100% Castle Sieges
Fully Reworked Retail Like Olympiad
Olympiad Cycle = 1 Week
Skills are reused after teleport on stadium,
Players with same IP can not fight together,
Teleport back to town right after match end,
Custom Command System
.menu - you can set from there trade/ chat/ exp gaining. 
.info - show you all our special commands.
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:



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