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L2Java L2 Allure 35x High Five

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Hello everyone,


I have decided to go ahead and open this project up to the public. The goals of this server are as follows:

-All classes are useful

-All crafting is useful

-All zones are useful

-Everything has a purpose

There are no custom gears, no custom AIOs. There will be custom features added later such as hunting zones, boss drops, things that need to be tweaked and modified as time progresses, but the ultimate goal is to have the a really nice pvp + craft mid-rate server, and for everyone to have fun.

I want this to be a long-term, successful project. This is not something I am doing for profit, as I have played and enjoyed L2 for a long time, as many others have. The server will also not lose hosting or go down, and will not be a 1 month server. I want the server to give older players such as myself a reason to play again and enjoy the game, as some of us did in the days of L2 Extreme, Eternal Sin, old L2Khaos/Promisance, Sublimity, Revenge, and other older mid-rate servers. I respected these servers many years ago, and I want that kind of community and those friendships again. This server is GAME PLAY DRIVEN. NOT donation driven. I am open to suggestions in relation to what gear grades should be available in GM shops, or other changes. I want the server to provide players with something to enjoy and work towards.

The L2 Allure (35x) server is up for beta testing! Play as you like, however there will be a wipe before launch. There is no set launch date, but I am aiming for a goal of the beginning of January.

Additionally, I am looking for GMs and Moderators. If you enjoy the server and feel you would be able to contribute positively to the community, Please let me know. I will be considering people for GM/Mod within the next few weeks. Thank you all <3

Server Hardware:

Processor: Intel E3-1230v2 (3.3Ghz Quad Core + Hyperthreading)

Memory: 32GB ECC DDR3

Connection: 1Gbps Up/Down, DDos Protected.

Operating System: Arch Linux

Location: Datacenter located in Ashburn VA (USA East Coast)

Server Software:

L2JServer (modified/custom coded).

Private bot protection.

Server Rates: 35x XP | 35x SP | 100x Adena

Weapon enchant safe +5, max +16

Armor/Jewelry enchant safe +3, Max +7

Server Features:

Global GKs

Skills auto-acquired, no books needed.

Raid boss spawns are announced globally.

NPC Buffers in town. Free up to level 76. Buff times retail, Songs + Dances 20 Minutes.

All players have +25 Run Speed

TvT Events/Event manager

Random Champion Mobs

Wedding System

Banking system for converting Adena to gold bars

Offline trade system (no command needed. Set shop and log off.)

Player Teleport/Spawn Protection (10 minutes or until movement).

50,000 Starting Adena.

Party leader pass - When a party leader leaves the party, leadership is passed so the group doesn't immediately disband

Item reward range - Creatures consider anything in a certain range that does damage to them eligible for reward pickup/loot regardless of party.

Vote Reward System

20 Minute timer for songs/dances

Full Community Board with gm shops, specialty shops.

No part XP level limit (level with your friends or power level)

Weight limit increased 3x

Mana Potions enabled

Nevit's blessing system enabled

PC Bang points system enabled

Olympiad randomized names/titles/no clan crests

Olympiad 4 clients per IP

Multibox up to 4 clients

Premium system implemented with slightly increased xp/sp/drop bonus

Achievements system

shift+click for mob information and drops

auto-loot enabled on non-raid monsters and non-equippable items

drop item disabled to prevent littering

character control panel with toggles for trade refusal, xp block, buff protection, auto soul shots.

Various Events: Capture the flag, team vs team (5v5, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 2v2v2,5v5v5,9v9, Korean 5v5 4v4 3v3 9v9, 10v10, 20v20, and more

Shops (In Giran and in Community board):

>Weapon Shop: Weapon shop contains SA weapons up to S grade. After that S80 and higher weapons must be earned in the world.

>Armor Shop: Armor shop contains armors and jewelry up to S grade. Also contains belts, shirts, and bracers up to S grade. S80 and higher armor and jewelry must be earned in the world.

>Consumables: Skill consumables, arrows, potions, soulshots/spiritshots/blessed spiritshots, Gemstones can all be found in the General Items shop.

>GM Store: Players can spend Allure credits here for cosmetic items, pets, mounts, and things of that nature. The goal is to have mostly cosmetic things in there or things that assist in aspects that will not affect game play in a manner that gives the player a heavy advantage. This means you will not see any custom weapons/armor/jewelry etc in the shop at all.

Class changer:

Characters will receive a prompt in the form of a tutorial question mark (above the chat) at the appropriate level, asking if they would like to choose the next class.

If the player chooses to change class at another time, the prompt will re-appear upon their next log in.

Player commands:

.xpon / .xpoff - turn XP gain on/off

.online - show amount of players online

.hellbound - shows hellbound level and trust

.changepassword - change password from in game.

.ccp - character control panel

.premium - premium status


.engage (once you engage, you must get married at wedding NPC)











To do:

Custom Zones: There will be multiple custom farming zones, however these are currently undecided and will be implemented soon.

Regarding donations:

Donation items will be cosmetic only. I do not want them to interfere with gameplay.

This means things such as accessories, agathions, pets and mounts, transformation scrolls, etc will be available for donation.

Players will be able to donate for credits, which can be used to buy an item worth a certain amount of credits which is tradeable. This means players can buy/sell/trade among each other for credits, and all credit-only items will be obtainable in-game without donation if the player wishes.

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