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HTTP/2 Changes and Reward System

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What is HTTP/2 and SPDY?

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the Web’s protocol and is based on SPDY, an experimental protocol designed for low-latency transport of content over the World Wide Web.

Both SPDY and HTTP/2 improve the way HTTP requests and responses are sent allowing for faster page load times.

HTTP/2 and SPDY improve page load times by:

    Connection multiplexing: Multiple resources can be retrieved in a single network request. Responses are sent when resources are available (sometimes out of order), to avoid slowing down page rendering.
    HTTP header compression: HTTP requests are simplified to avoid resending headers, and compression is applied to headers that must be sent.

Keep in mind:

    Not all browsers support HTTP/2 or SPDY. These browsers will leverage HTTP 1.x instead
    The protocol SPDY has been deprecated. This means it is expected to be slowly removed from newer versions of mainstream browsers, but will still work for older browsers
    HTTP/2 and SPDY require a valid SSL certificate and are only available over TLS
    Connection multiplexing is on a per-domain basis

So, you have to make a change to your HTTP system to work

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