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Guide to play 3-Way Handicap Betting in Football


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Some people engage in football betting without understanding the concept of 3-Way Handicap betting. This is a significant oversight and can lead to disadvantages for the bettor. Therefore, before diving into betting, it's essential to take the time to learn about related information. The following article from Wintips aims to provide a more detailed explanation of this matter.
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Understanding the Concept of 3-Way Handicap Betting
3-Way Handicap betting has been around for a while and is well-known among football bettors. In English, this type of betting is referred to as "3-Way Handicap." Asian and European handicaps were combined to create 3-Way Handicap betting to make it more accessible to players. The key feature of this type of bet is its similarity to the Asian handicap, where bettors can place wagers on three outcomes.
Currently, 3-Way Handicap betting is used during either the first half or the entire match. However, the number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match is not considered when calculating the result. This type of bet is applied based on the handicap odds of the European handicap. Specifically, the winning bet amount is calculated as follows: Winning amount = the amount wagered x the 3-Way Handicap odds for the event.
Choosing to bet on the 3-Way Handicap requires bettors to conduct more thorough research. According to many, this type of bet can be more complex than some other betting options. Therefore, it's advisable to regularly check and update the odds from reputable bookmakers for accurate betting. When participating in 3-Way Handicap betting, bettors can also encounter handicaps like -1, -2, -3, and so on.
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Information About Some Common 3-Way Handicap Bets in Football
Players should expand their knowledge about 3-Way Handicap betting and learn about some common types of 3-Way Handicap bets in football:
Three-Way Handicap Betting:
Three-Way Handicap betting, also known as 3-Way Handicap, is a familiar ratio applied by many bettors. This type of bet is formed based on the Asian handicap foundation. Some odds used include ½, ¾, ¼, which correspond to 2 draws, 1 draw, 3 draws, respectively.
Handicap Corner Betting:
Players who opt for handicap corner betting can participate in either the first half or the entire match. This is entirely similar to the way 3-Way Handicap betting works. In this case, bettors choose which team will earn more corner kicks during the match. Therefore, taking the time to calculate and place accurate bets is crucial.
Useful Tips When Betting on 3-Way Handicap
Bettors can be flexible and explore various 3-Way Handicap betting options:
Typically, 3-Way Handicap betting is applied in matches where there is a significant difference in team strength.
Bettors need to have a good understanding of the circumstances surrounding the match before placing their bets.
Choose reputable and high-quality sportsbooks to satisfy your passion for betting.
Ensure a solid grasp of the information about different types of bets offered to make precise betting choices.
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In Conclusion
Wintips has provided valuable information about 3-Way Handicap betting. This concept has become familiar to many football bettors in recent years. Players should take the time to research and gather detailed information to make accurate bets. It is hoped that the information provided here will serve as a valuable resource for players to apply in practice.
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