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  1. Dragon-Network: Tarantula Reloaded
    Dynamic Rates Interlude Substack Server

    We are happy to announce our new server is coming!
    Some of the details are already leaked, but here is a summary of what's being prepared!
    We're evoking Dragon-Network's one of the most iconic and successful server: Tarantula!

    Server Opening: 10th February 2023 18:00 GMT+1
    BETA Test server: TBA


    What does this mean?

    Server will be based on previous Tarantula server settings, spicing this up with all 
    the skill balances, fixes and new features.


    Server Details
    We have been gathering data for a while to see what kind of setup would bring 
    more interest.


    Interlude, outplayed but winner yet. Even if this patch is so-so
    outplayed, It has received the most interest yet again. All we can guarantee is that
    we are open for content upgrade if required! Que? There is possibility to update files.

    EXP: x30-x4.5
    Dynamic warm-up: Server starting rate is 30x, at level 85 it will go down to 4.5x.

    SP: x45-x4.5
    It starts higher than EXP to allow you to be able to buy any skills (easy mode).
    The difference between exp and sp will then fall until level 40, where SP rate
    will stick to EXP rate until the end of level progression.
    Adena (amount): x12-x3
    SealStones (amount): TBA
    Drop (chance): TBA
    Spoil (chance): TBA
    Read more about Quest Rates: HERE
    DN's Unique Substack System: Free from lvl 40 More Details Here

    Newbie Buffer: Up to Lv52.
    Improved Buffs: More Details Here
    Combo Dances/Songs: More Details Here
    Enchant Rates: Retail like with no customs
    Magical Staffs: Stats increased to meet Gracia Final values
    Elixir of Mental Strength: Mana received increased by 75% on all grades
    SA Focus: Added to Bow of Peril and Carnage Bow
    Dynasty armors and weapons are available. You can farm and gather parts on Hellbound Island.
    Class change: for both Adena or Donate Coins are available
    No Pay2Win donations
    DDoS protection
    Dedicated Proxies: For European/US/BR/Ru players
    Offline Trade System: More Details Here
    Autoloot: Only available in exchange of Vote Coins
    Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon: Services available in every town
    Tattoo system
    Dual Boxes: 2 clients allowed at the same time for usage
    Voting System:  Unique items you can only get from Vote, that you can't get from Donate More Details Here


    Raid Bosses:
    XP/SP: x5
    Drop (chance): x2
    Epics: x1


    Normal raids: Retail
    Subclass raids: 8h+-1h
    Queen Ant: 19hr to 21hr
    Core: 37hr to 39hr
    Orfen: 28hr to 30hr
    Zaken: 40hr to 42hr
    Baium: 5days+-1hr
    Antharas: 8days+-1hr
    Frintezza: 24hr to 26hr
    Valakas: 11days+-1hr

    FULL Details: HERE

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