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  1. New World players annoyed by some issues in the game are in luck: the developers are releasing an update that will fix the issues soon. New World has been out for over a month now and has already made a name for itself in the complex MMO market. Part of the appeal lies in the different weapons available in New World and the variety they bring into play. However, there are a few bugs that are plaguing the game right now and that are a thorn in the side of many players. For this reason, there is talk of a New World Patch that should be published in a few weeks. The goal is to improve most of the gameplay, e.g. B. the ability to react in combat. Recently, the developers at New World posted an in-depth blog post on the game's website detailing the changes. The developers said the focus of the update will be on weapon swaps, evasive maneuvers, and attack input windows. In the post, the company explains that it wants weapon switching to be an important part of players' combat and that weapon switching is consistent across all different types of attack. The company is aware of the problem of New World fans who sometimes feel like they are changing weapons but still attack with the weapon they are currently equipped with. The developers also want to improve the dodge and attack entry times window as there have been reports of some inconsistencies. These are the inability to dodge from certain rests or to perform heavy attacks in certain rests of skill. Most importantly, the company will refine any changes to the PVP, warfare, and territory control aspects of the game. In addition to lag issues with these modes, there are also issues with players using the game modes in new worlds, which affects the gaming experience. The company has already made some changes but is taking more time to post other important fixes that require further testing. These should be published shortly, according to the developers. The blog post concludes by saying that the team wants to make weapon switching, dodging, and attack inputs as smooth as possible as this is an integral part of the gaming experience and will work to make it happen. The team also announced plans to balance some skills and make some of the less popular skills more workable. These changes will be slowly rolling out in the next releases, but the developers encourage fans to keep providing feedback. The New World is now available on PC. And you can buy cheap New World gold here from https://www.ssegold.com/new-world-coins
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