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    • Hey, what is the best thing to invest into nowadays? I know that there are banks and other things but maybe there are something unusual?
    • 英语基础课程 https://liulingo.com/zero-level 是开始学习一门新语言的绝佳方式。它们教授语法、词汇和短语的基础知识,让你快速开口。从一系列的课程中选择适合不同需求的课程。无论你是想提高你的商业或学术写作技能,还是准备参加英语考试,这里都有适合你的课程。
    • Yeah +1, my team is going to play there too..    See yaa in game @domi nice share !
    • Sup guys! I would like to invite you on a brand new project L2 Ressurection H5 x12 that is going live on 15/02/2023 at 18:00 GMT + 2 Official server discord: https://discord.gg/nHkPbq7WeE     This is not another commercial server for 2-3 months, wipe and make another season after 6 months, but on long-term development that will keep people playing here. Project is runing by friendly and passionate staff who wants to deliver best experience for players. At this moment server is runing in BETA and staff is actively fixing bugs & problems that are on check-list or reported by people. Also for all who will help at beta test, report bugs and problems there will be bonus reward at start Server basic informations: Main char + 1 box No AIO buffer - only player shops with buffs GM shop only with basic items - no weapons/armors/jewelry Regular automatic events (TvT, CTF etc.) War between Dusk vs Dawn (Anakim / Lilith ring as special reward) - more details soon Auto-pick up (excluded mana herbs/RB drop) Special reward for completing full 2nd class quest - C-grade weapon +6 (to choose) Special reward for completing 3rd class quest (with 700 QI) - S-grade weapon +5 (to choose) Special reward for completing full sub-class quest - 20 GCM XP: x12 SP: x12 Adena: x6 (100% chance) Drop rate: x10 RB drop chance: x10 RB drop items: x1 Quest item drop: x1 Mana herbs drop rate: x3 Weight capacity: x3 Buff slots: 20 +4 from books & 12 dances/songs Premium account +30% XP/SP/drop/adena rate + premium chat reasonable price and also available to reach through the vote system! Special donate shop with some usefull items but not game changing No PAY 2 WIN! Elemental stone/crystal: 40% Enchant scroll: 60% Blessed enchant scroll: 60% Crystal enchant scroll: 10% without drop enchant - from special event only Please find below official server introduction:   L2 Ressurection - High Five, free private game server for all fans High Five Chronicle (CT 2.6) Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to our server, which players from all corners of the world really like. The concept is based as a long-running non P2W, emulating the official server in the High Five era. We offer players a very high quality PvP engine, a great concentration on supporting characters, clan activities, blacksmithing and last but not least our own very high quality events. we have no bots, no global GK, no mana potions, no p2w Quick overview: Rates – 12x long term Autolern skilla / Auto pick up Transfers – just click / or make quest for reward ! Subclass – just click / or make quest for reward! Premium account: +30% exp, sp, drop, adena, and premium chat We are NO P2W server! We provide: Ingame Drop Calculator Auction panel .dressme system Extended achive system Buff shops - player for player Ingame Donation System - PP and much more ! Promo Video #1 We will be happy to answer all your questions on our server Discord. https://discord.gg/nHkPbq7WeE L2 Ressurection H5 x12 website See you in game!
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