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    • https://l2nk.ru/en/ - Domain What is Stack Sub 1 + 1? On the server, you can create a character with 2 classes. For example, you can choose the professional Destroyer + Paladin and get skills from two classes. What chronicles? Interlude based on a new client Skill mechanics, items, drop, correspond to the chronicles of Interlude, with the exception of new content. There are skills from the chronicles above for some classes In the future, there will be locations before the HF chronicles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7HVKggSZCI Are there any additions? Yes, additional content interacts with standard lineage 2 resources. All innovations are implemented without problems and will be understandable to every player without studying a heap of information. We adhere to the style of the old chronicles. No high stats from received items. Improvement is carried out through the enchant system, one of the most favorite activities of players in L2 (enchant items) Scrolls can be bought for standard resources, knocked out from some monsters, RB, or received for events. At the moment, each item can be upgraded to +15. Every +5 levels, the required scroll changes. The chance of enchanting is - 60%, but the item cannot be broken as it happens with normal equipment or weapons. The main idea is: As simple as possible to implement new items (Without the need to exchange one item for another) Players will be able to get any standard decoration or cloak, by quest, from RB, fishing, and it can be improved. Several ways to improve items. At the moment, the following has been implemented: Tattoo, Cloak, Accessory What about shops, NPCs, equipment? All shops in the cities are standard. Equipment up to C Grade for adena. Loot A grade, S grade classic variant according to the Interlude chronicles. In giran you can find a blacksmith and mammon trader There is a comfortable Alt + b with everything you need Restrictions and penalties: The maximum level difference between the attackers and the raid, as well as its minions, is level 21. There is no drop or spoil penalty. You can receive drops from monsters of any level, the character level does not matter. There is no Penalty for leaving the clan. Maximum characters in the game from one pc = 3 Rates: Xp/Sp: х10. Adena: x5. Spam is not allowed Stones: x5. Drop/Spoil: x5. Rb drop: x1. Quests Drop: х1-х3 (increased for some quests ) Manor: Off Basics of the game: Buffer with all buffs. (Buffs with character level checks, such as Chant Of Victory can only be used at level 61+) 60 slots, effect time 90 minutes. Automatic learning of skills. Profession - Free. Getting a sub class without a quest. Shortened quest for nobles. There is no penalty for leaving the clan. Global chat. Mana Potion. Offline trading (Included by the .offline Command) Alt B with a shop, buffer. Multi mammon in giran. Monsters are champions with increased xp and sp drops from level 35. Maximum sharpening for all types of equipment +18 The ability to learn spoil skills for any class.
    • -= PLAYER / CLAN MIGRATION EVENT =-  http://lineage2.id For Any Player/Clan/Constant Party (CP) who Just Joined in Our Server from another server, we will Giving a Starter Bonus for them. The Condition is : 1. 1 reward per IP / Not a box (We will check the HWID). So please dont try to Abuse it :slight_smile: 2. PM [GM]Mr.Kayden on Discord for Confirmation. And Gives NickName & ScreenShoot In Game. The Reward Box Newbie Pack Contains Of : :Maphr Rune 100% 7 Days x1  :Bloody Freeya Rune x1 Ticket Weapon +15 x1 :Ticket Armor +8 x1  All Soul crystal lv. 10 x1  Lilith + Anakim Sc lv. 10 x1  Gem R x1000  Adena x100m  Gold Bar 100  Freeya Ice Rose x500  Valiant scrol x500  White Potion x500  Dandy Challange x500  Soulshot no Weight SSR/BSSR x500k  Brooch 45 Days + All Jewel gem 30days  Tiat Bel +10 x1  Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 x1  Book Artifact Lv.1 x1  Superior Seed Bracelet 30 Day x1  Notes : Use The Ticket Weapon & Armor in Aden. Npc name "Snake"  Please PM [GM]Mr.Kayden on Discord for Confirmation. Dont forget to read #📒gameplay-changes #📒newbie-guide #📒farm-zone #📒event  #📢announcements #📢daily-announcement  Bring you clan mates here, and once again Unite and rule the ELMORE Kingdom. Thank you @everyone Regards Lineage2.id Team
    • keto premiere Australia This expansion isn't for anybody younger than 18, not for the individuals who are pregnant or nursing. Do whatever it takes not to utilize it while you are taking drugs or if there should be an occurrence of deferral by an operation. Maintain a strategic distance from youngsters and store them in a cool dry spot. Make an effort not to blend in with other development and don't try too hard under any conditions. Furthermore, this element is an ideal answer for weight reduction.   https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/267870217/torch-keto-reviews---shark-tank-ingredients--cost-     https://mighty-leaf-cbd-oil.medium.com/mighty-leaf-cbd-oil-2021-reviews-price-ingredients-more-b5321fc42d58   https://health-news-organixx-collagen.medium.com/organixx-collagen-reviews-1-price-ingredients-buy-fcfd4d508ba4   https://medium.com/@savage-grow-plus1/savage-grow-plus-male-enhancement-boost-your-stamina-1-a95787fc8df1 https://fleur-alpha-canada.medium.com/fleur-alpha-reviews-ca-update-price-ingredients-buy-9dd1f9d9dfa6
    • Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude Pvp server based in Good vs Evil project. We have two factions Angels and Demons, rewarding item from killing player from enemy Faction is Victim’s Skull. All economy system based in pvp reward item (Trade with npc-Players etc). No custom mods, build for pvp and not for quests, spoil, craft and all other rpg server stuff.. ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry: Safe +5 Max +21/+20/+20 Rates: Normal 70% Bless 75%, from +15 Normal 60% Bless 65% Server Commands: .menu: All options will be thear. Professions: Free (Npc) Faction Raid Boss respawn 12h Drops : Victim’s Skulls, Scrolls,Ls, Clan Items. Augmentation: NGS : 5% Mid  : 10% High: 15% Top: 20% Buffs / Buffer Number of slots: 40 Number of debuff slots: 6 The duration of the buff: 2 hrs All buffs, dances, songs, specials and buffs for pets Full recovery: MP, CP and HP Auto Nobles after Death. Items: Consumables and items grade B free. All others for Victim’s Skulls Custom Items: Tattoos : +5% Stats. Dynasty Weapons and Armors. Vip items and Hero Items. Custom Skins. And many more, join us to discover them… join us in http://l2doll.com/
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