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Ofendal Interlude x75

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Ofendal Interlude x75
  • EXP Rate: 75
  • SP Rate: 75
  • Drop Rate: 25
  • Adena Rate: 75
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

Server Uptime

Chronicles Server: Interlude - classic
Platform: Java
Rates EXP 75x, SP 75x, Adena 75x, Drop 30x, Spoil 25x, Quest Drop 15x, Raid 10x

When creating a character you will find:
All characters appearing in the starting area. In which stands baffer
Characters appear in TOP No-Grade equipment and start-up capital for the development of
Automatic learning skills
Unique panel ALT + B with a shop, and the ability to teleport to the location

On the assembly:
High quality, unique-designed assembly that best corresponds to all parameters official server Interlude
Qualitative GEODATA that will not allow you to get stuck or fall through the ground and other other places

What awaits you on the server:
Unique Buffer with the ability to create personal profiles and buff in 1 click
26 +4 (Divine Inspiration) slots for buff. Buffs last 2 hour
GM Shop where you can buy things to S-Grade. Ofendal coins that drop from mobs 76+ 15%
NPC Classmaster which can be a profession, it is also possible to get to the menu .menu
Convenient Donate Shop
Implemented demonic weapons and Zariche Akamanah
The slots in the inventory increased to 250. Disabled overdrive
On the server, there are mobs champions with power and drop an Exp
Available offline trade
Mana Potion, which restores 100 MP
Team / unstuck - 15 seconds
Trip command experience, block buff, auto loot
Infinity soulshots and arrows

Sub-class and Nobless:
Sub class is available with a quest. Each player can take up to 3 sub classes
Simplifying the quest to nobles.
Respawn Nobles RB: 6 hours +/- 30 minutes

The Olympics will start January 15, 2015
The duration of the Olympiad: 18:00 to 00:00 GMT +2
Period of the Olympic Games - 2 weeks
Period Olympiad server - 2 weeks , anti- cheat points. Max enchant for olly +6 for all items!

Sieges are held every two weeks

Unique game events: ( Coming Soon )
TvT (Team vs Team)
CTF (Capture the Flag)
DM (Death Match)

Life Stone:
Chance to gain skill with PM: Top Life Stone - 7%, High Life Stone - 5%, Middle Life Stone - 3%, Life Stone - 1%

Chance to hone conventional cheats - 60%. Chance to hone Blessed cheats - 60%
Maximum sharpening a weapon +16, armor and jewelry 14
Secure point +3 on whole armor +4

Respawn bosses on a quest on Alliance: 12 + 24 hours

Raid Boss:
Respawn normal bosses - according to the official server
In the raid bosses drop added - Ofendal Coins, LS, Book of Giants
Everyone 80+ RB added drop Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 with a chance to 100% from 1 to 3 items.

Epic Bosses:
Epic implemented at all AoE / PvP zones
Spawn time:
Ant Queen - 24 hours +4 hours
Core - 36 hours +/- 4:00 hours
Zaken - 48 hours +/- 2:00 hours
Orfen - 36 hours +/- 4:00 hours
Baium - 5 days 3 hours
Antharas - 8 days 3 hours
Valakas - 11 days
Frintezza - 48 hours

Other features of the gameplay:
Drop things with PK players in PvP areas cleaned
The game is available for purchase Premium Account, bonuses EXP 150x, SP 150x, Adena 150x, Drop 40x, Spoil 30x, Quest Drop 15x, Raid 10x

Unique protection from input from the computer
The best protection from third-party software!
Reliable protection from DDoS-attacks
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