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  • EXP Rate: 200
  • SP Rate: 200
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 200
  • Safe Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 13
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

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Server Features
Lineage II HiFive Client
Exp x200, SP x200, Adena x200, Drop x1, Quest Drop x1, Party Exp x2.
Subclass allowed (Base +3).
Solo - Party custom modified farm zones
Npc Buffer - GmShop - Custom Instances Manager
Giran - Aden - Rune Castles and Clan halls Only. Custom Instance reward to castle owners and clan members
Vote System - in-game Panel - vote command .getreward
Buff slots 18/10 buffs/songs-dances
Enchant Safe/Max = 4-13
Enchant rate normal = 60%
Enchant rate blessed = 75%

Custom Farm Zones
Level Up Zone = Is the start up zone, every player start 40lvl there and is able to lvl up till 85lvl

Moirai Zone = In this area you are able to farm some basic gear to continue your jurney. Don't forget to grab the quest for extra rewards

Vesper Farm Zone = Mobs there are really hard you need at least moirai and icarus weapon +5 to stay alive. Its Very important to take the custom quest. The Reward is awesome.

Party Farm = Be careful mobs are really strong there, you need healer and tank to farm. There are some strong mobs that will drop you gold bars and some custom coins for elegia farming

Clan Farm - Pvp Zone= The most important area.There are 3 raid bosses there. They will respawn every 2-5 hours and will drop raid boss jewels. Killing rb is the only way to farm boss jewels.In addition raid bosses drop gold einhasad that you really need them to buy elegia.

Custom Castles - Clan Halls
Aden - Giran - Rune
Castle Sieges every week
No territory sieges
No fortress sieges
Available clan halls only: Giran - Rune - Aden
Every clan with castle have a great bonus from castle, every day castle unlock an custom instance with awesome rewards. Only clan members can join.

Balance is the most IMPORTANT for us. Every class have unique power on our server. We have made tons of test and we used the best tools to balance all characters.

Custom Hi5 - Interlude server custom
Are you ready to discover the new world of lineage2 Tangle? We did it! L2 Tangle is the best server that mix Interlude features with HiFive Features. We REMOVED every new HiFive features like: Elemental Crystals, +30 Skills enchanting, Fame, PvP Items.

L2 tangle's max skill enchant is +15 like interlude. We removed all HiFive skills. No improved buffs anymore. We guarantee the balance.
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