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  • Server Owner: l2ravana
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x70 SP: x70 Drop: x1 Adena: x100 Spoil: x2 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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L2 Ravana
Owner has tracking disabled
Server Description
Informations About Server
Welcome to the newest Lineage 2 Ravana Server x70 FARM with custom craft using farm items.
Incredible gameplay and class balance with our farm system and instance zones.

More information about the project below:

Rates / Enchants

Exp / SP (EXP) x70.

Drop (Adena): x100.

Max Enchant Weapon: +16 / Armor: +10 / Safe Max: +3

Enchants Rates: Weapons 58%, Armors 56% e Jewels 54%.

SealStones x2

Spoil x2

It is not the purpose of the server, but all the main quests are functional with 5x, except:

Gather the flames : Drop rate X10
Relics of the Old Empire : Drop rate X10
Alliance With Ketra Orcs: Drop rate X10
War With Varka Silenos: Drop rate X10
The Finest Food: Dop rate X5
Nobless Quest x5 chance

No custom items.
All status retail
Jobs lvl 20, 40 e 76 = Free in Giran Town
HotSpring debuffs only up to level 4 (level 5 to level 10 removed)
Reading Automatic Skills (Fishing and Divine Inspiration skills need to be learned manually).
Auto Pick Up System (except grand and raid bosses drops).
Time to pick-up items from the floor (300 seconds)
Offline Shop: Just configure your store and disconnect from the server (24 hours of operation).
Chaotic Zone in the Party Zone 24h, Epics and the main Raids areas
All Grand Bosses are Level 80
Infinity Soulshot and Arrows.
VIP Status have 2x XP / SP / Adena / Drop + Skill Nobles (No status), + Book with 3h of Buffs)
Inventory Weight 30x
GK Global at Giran Center
Suportes de Trocas e Buff:

C-Grade e B-Grade by Adenas.
A-Grade and S-Grade with Farm or Custom Craft.
Craft for S-Grade Equipment with 80% for Armors & Weapons, 90% for Jewels (Craft is optional)
24 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration) (Learning from Divine Inspiration);
2 hours for free buffs
All buffs available for free on NPC Buffer Support with Heal + Nobles (except HotSprings buffs that are debufs that can be picked up on HotSpring)
Summon buffs with 10 min.
Book buffs with 3h buffs for VIPs.
Sub Class: Free

Becoming Nobless:

As in the official one, you can do the Quest with rates of up to 5x drop and chance ( Hellfire Oil and Lunargent at Aio Shop)
You can buy the item Noblesse Coin and become Nobles (Exchange for Event Coin or RCoins)
Custom Zones for Farm

Abandoned Camp (Drop “Tears of Death” with 60% up to 70% chance and “WA Parts” with 1.5%)
Wall of Argos (Drop “Tears of Blood” wit 60% up to 70% of chance and “WA Parts” with 1,5%)
Garden of Eva (Drop of “Tears of Death” and “Tears of Blood” with 80% and x3+ chances and drops, “WA Parts” with 4.5% and other Ramdon Goodies Items)
Party Farm x2 Event (Field of Silence) – ( 11:00, 15:00, 20:00 )
Event Duration: 60min
Local: Field of Silence (Party Farm x2 Event) at GK Global in Giran Center.

Epic Bosses info:

All Epic Bosses Level 80
Boss Jewel only killing Epic Bosses
Chaotic Zones in all areas of Epic Bosses
All Boss Jewels have a 90% chance of Drop
All Epic Bosses have Personalized Drops, Weapons, Armors, Grade S Jewels (Including Ravana Set S), also have several rare items.
All quest items are sold at NPC Lucina (All in One Shop) in Giran.

Ant Queen – Respawn = 40 Hours + 1h Random

Core – Respawn = 42 Hours + 1h Random

Orfen – Respawn = 42 Hours + 1h Random

Zaken – Respawn = 48 Hours + 1h Random (Opening the door between 00: 00h to 01:00 in the morning of the server, check the time with /time ).

Frintezza – Respawn =78 Hours + 1h Random (Clan min. Lv 5, Party Channel, 1 Strategy Guide Item required)

Baium – Respawn = 126 Hours + 1h Random

Antharas – Respawn = 130 Hours + 1h Random

Valakas – Respawn = 198 Hours + 1h Random

Nobless Status and Raids:

Level 80 – Flame Splendor of Barakiel: 4 Hours + 1h Random
Item Noblesse Status for Event Coin or RCoins
Special Raids Level 76/80:
All raid bosses with 18h + 1h Random time (Drops 10x with Special Items)

Augments :

All aguments with 3% chance.
Clan info

All Clan penalties for 1 day.
Clan Level 8 + Full Skills and Reputation for Event Coin or RCoins.

Daily battles between: 18:00 - 00:00
Olympiad up to A Grade Only
Heroes delivery on Saturdays.
7 Days Olympiad Cycle.
HWID Protection, only one account per PC
Seven Sings:

Seven Signs items available in Giran at NPC Lucina and Ravana.
Teleport to Catacombs and Necropolis Level 60-70 and 70-80 at GK Global in Giran
Game Commands

/time – shows the game time in real time!
.expon - active to receive experience!
.expoff - disable to receive experience!
.menu - Menu with several options to help you in game!
.inventory - View a player's inventory items
.skills - View a player's skills
.status - View a player's status