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  • EXP Rate: 100
  • SP Rate: 1
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 1
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 21
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

Server Uptime

Welcome to Lineage II Loyal. L2Loyal its back to world from c4 to c6. L2 Loyal Informations : First of All Balanced perfectly %100. Chronicle : Interlude / C6 Experience Rate : 100x Adena Rate : 1x (items organized with low prices) Spoil Rate: 1x Sub Class System You need complete all quest. Noblesse System You need complete all quest. Epic Boss System You can take quest items at shop. Augment System No Augments. Castle Siege. Castle Siege every 2 week. Buffer Support Buffs,Dances,Songs. Buff time 1h. AIO Buffer Support Buffs,Dances,Songs,Chants,Cat Buffs,Resists Buff time 1hours 30 minutes. Enchant System Weapon: Safe +3 , Max +21 Armor: Safe +3 , Max +12 Enchant Rate: Hard. Level Up to 78. Farm and PvP Zones Imperial Tomb, Elven Fortress. Imperial Tomb Drop Dark Weapons, Adena,Mantra,Blessed Scroll Armor - Weapon and more... Elven Fortress Drop S grade Weapons,Adena, Mantra and more... Refining System Armors start from %50, you need to upgrade your armor from %50 to %100. At %100, your armor become to Apella Armor %50, now you need to upgrade your Apella armor %100 for become Diamond Armor. (Diamond Armor no have % ) Jewels start from %50 and you need to make %100 for better stats. Ancient Adena You may farm Runes from Elven Fortress then trade them into Ancient Adena from Trader. Working All Quests Perfectly Custom Features: Apella Armor. Diamond Armor. Black Weapons. Dark Weapons. Tattoo.
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