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Member Since: 2015-12-03 09:15:13

L2 Execution

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L2 Execution
  • EXP Rate: 999
  • SP Rate: 999
  • Drop Rate: 999
  • Adena Rate: 999
  • Safe Enchant: 5
  • Max Enchant: 20
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

Server Uptime

Server Rates:

XP: x999
SP: x999
Party XP/SP: x1
Adena: x1
Consumable Cost: x1
Drop Items: x1
Raid Drop Items: x1
Drop Spoil: x1
Drop Manor: x1


Safe +3 (fullparts +4)
Max +20
Normal Scrolls 70% | Blessed Scrolls 90% | Crystal Scrolls 100%
On Each Enchant a message will apear with the Enchant Rate


GM Shop
Wedding manager
Auction Item Manager
CastleManager - All castles registrations in one
Raid Boss Manager
Grand Boss Manager
Top PvP/PK Players
Dyes Manager
Class Manager
Services Manager
Augment Manager
Buffer (Bufftime 2 Hrs, 48+4 BuffSlots)

Custom Features:

-Subclass - free
All classes on one
Sub Class Manager
-Noblesse - Can Be found on Services Manager
-You need 100 PVPs in order to use Global Chat
-You need 10 PVPs in order to use Trade Chat
-You Must be at least 78 level in order to trade
-Raidboss/Grandboss announce on alive/dead
+ Message by killer
+ Clan name of Killer
-New Chars Buffs
-Startup system
-Hero/Castle lord announce on log in
-Noblesse color name
-Rec Item
-Custom PvP Messages + PvP Reward
-On 15 PvPs in a row you get hero Aura(if you restart or die you lose it)
-PvP/PK Color System

Vip Mode:

If you are VIP you will be able to teleport in a special zone , with special mobs,drops.(normal player dont have access in this zone)

Pvp Zone:

Primeval Island (auto respawn,nobless etc.)
Also in order to leave you need to press .exit command!


- 1+1 augments (1active + 1passive )
- Chances: Mid grade: 5 %, High grade: 10 %, Top grade stone: 15 %

Raid Bosses:

- Custom Raid Bosses with 1-2 Hours Respawn
Player commands
.menu - improved character settings
.online -Show players Online Protection Status