Barracuda - Order Vs Chaos
  • Member Since: 2019-02-20 23:07:00
  • Server Owner: l2barracudaserver
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x9999 SP: x10 Drop: x500 Adena: x100 Spoil: x1000 Safe Enchant: x1 Max Enchant: x65535
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Barracuda - Order Vs Chaos
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Server Description
L2 Barracuda - Order Vs Chaos - Faction Server

If you prefer to kill hundreds of players every day, and not monsters, you can be sure that this server is perfect for you. Due to the uniqueness of this game mode (FACTION Orde Vs Chaos), especially active fighters can develop their character without spending time in the usual extraction of resources and other items.

In addition to all the above, we have prepared a large number of PvP events, which will attract players of any chronicle and any Rate Rate of the server that has usually played. We hope you do not have time to get bored, regardless of the version of the game you choose. A unique server with an exciting and comfortable game mode for our users.
Is now Beta Open!!
Grand Opening: March 1 - 2019


* Daily events (en)
- Every day more than 20 different events are activated automatically. The reward is in "GOLDEN APIGA", these rewards are cangeable when you vote to the server, up to a maximum of 6 cangeable rewards per day.

* Faction engine (en)
- The game is generally divided into 2 sides (Order Vs Chaos), players get rewards by killing the enemy faction and conquering the enemy flags that are on the map.
- When you start the game our system will assign your faction in accordance with the current players online.
- Your faction will never be final and there will always be a balance of players between the two factions, differentiating the professions that are of support from those that are not.
- If it is necessary to move a player from one faction to another being this member of a clan, he will be rewarded with Clan (CR) Reputation (the clan), Adena (the player) and he will also be expelled from the clan.
- Any player who is not a member of a clan can change their faction by paying the imposed taxa.

* Hunting only (en)
- Despite needing to be supported by your faction and your clan to kill the enemies of the faction and thus get rewards, you will also need to go alone to hunt to get Experience (EXP).
- The hunting area is always inside Talnking Island.
- Each faction has its own bases spread over the map, players can only teleport to the base that is active at that moment and will be resurrected there when they die. The bases are protected by guards and healers of the faction to prevent the invasion to respawn. The bases will be moving every so often.
- Here you can find a variety of monsters with different strengths and weaknesses. Find and hunt Champions for an increased reward!

* New Players (en)
- The new players start with an armor and a basic weapon grade C that will have to go improving Grade to Grade until reaching the maximum.
- The initial level is 75 with 20Buffs of high level (Wizard) 24 (warrior) with the blessing of noble included.
- Level 75 players may not participate in any event and may only go to the City and Solo Hunting Base.
- If you are a member of a clan when you make the change to the 3rd class (free) you will be rewarded with Adena and expelled from the clan (like an academy).
- Any character less than 77 will not lose experience for dying, those over 77 if.

* Buffer (en)
- Every player has access to the use of Scheme Buffer, where each one can quickly and intuitively design schemas to use them.
- The once designed Schemas can be used remotely outside the city (use .menu). With which you do not need to go to the "NPC" to buff yourself.
- All the buffs of the game are not included in the scheme, some Dances, Songs and "Victory, Magnus" have been removed from the "NPc"
- Non-magical professions will always leave 4 buff spaces reserved and will not be able to use them in the Buffer scheme.
- Maximum number of Buffs: 20 + 4 Divine Inspiration (all magic classes): 24 + 4 (all non-magical classes).

* Clan (en)
- All clans start at level 3 and will be founded by players higher than level 76.
- Clans and alliances are possible only between members of the same faction.
- Clan leaders should try to harvest as many players as their active faction.
- Being a clan member will increase your reward of "PCBANG", also if the system moves you as a member faction earn an extra reward.
- Clan leaders generate clan income and reputation points (CR) for each active member.
- Obtain clan reputation points (CR) fulfilling faction objectives, (killing faction ribs, conquering enemy flags, hunting "Raids", Winning Events ..)
- If an enemy clan with less reputation than you kill a member of the clan, reputation will decrease (CR).

* Ranking / PvP system / Party (en)
- All players start in the Ranking: Bronze V [0].
- The amount of Pvp points that each player has determines the rank he occupies. Every 50 points the range changes.
- When any player dies in any way loses 1 point (1pvp) and the kills counter returns to 0 (pk).
- For each downcast enemy you gain 1 point (+ 1pvp) and 1 point in the kills account (+ 1pk), and you will receive a reward in Medals and Adena.
- If the enemy had a Rank higher than yours will increase more points (++ 1pvp) and the enemy with more rank will lose more points (--pvp enemy).
- The more kills you can accumulate (1pk minimum) the reward increases.
- If the defeated enemy had accumulated kills (minimum 1pk) it will generate a bonus plus.
- Members of a party have the possibility of receiving rewards if one of their members kills someone nearby. (Adena + 1pvp point)

* Support class (en)
- Any profession whose objective is not to harm we consider it as a support profession.
- The Support class has a reward bonus in experience and PcBang constantly.
- The Support class enjoys better rewards when it is moved by faction by the engine.
- When a member of the party does a close kill will give 100% reward (+ 1pvp + pk + Medals + Adena).

* Chat (en)
- If you're dead, you can not talk.
- The Chat (ALL) can only be understood by members of the same faction.
- The Chat (+TRADE) will be read by all the connected members of the same faction.
- The Chat (!SHOUT) will be read by any player that is in the Region, with the prefix of their Facion (CHAOS / ORDER) before the name.
- You can send private (^WHISPER) between any player, but first they must accept the friend request.