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Lineage Back2Play

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Lineage Back2Play
  • EXP Rate: 9999
  • SP Rate: 450
  • Drop Rate: 450
  • Adena Rate: 450
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 21
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

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Lineage-Back2Play Informations:
This page explains about the basic Lineage-Back2Play features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6.

AIO NPC Buffer. There is a support buffer spawned in every important town. The buffs last for 1 hour, Summs , pof etc 1 hour, rebirth, No class change quests. Rates

Rates: xp 9999x / sp 450x / adena 450x. Server: C6 ( Interlude ) Mid Rate server with custom modifications.

Rebirth System:
Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths. exp is VERY EASY!!!

Special Masks:
The Special Masks are Rare and Powerfull having 2 diferent effects, one ( Mask Of Life ) that boosts HP 1900, CP 1200, MP 900 and the other (Mask Of Protection) +100 P defence and M defence, will be great help to any player that uses one. They can be droped by Valakas and Antharas Only.

~> Visit our website for more info. Protection Status