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  • Chronicle: Interlude
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    EXP: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x50 Adena: x300 Spoil: x50 Safe Enchant: x4 Max Enchant: x25
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    Server Description
    HeavensgateL2 is a fan-made private server geared towards their players. We have a nice and experienced staff who have had several years of experience in Lineage II and several other MMORPG's. Our goal is to host a nice community that serves the right to be called a true L2 Interlude server. We currently provide 2 gameservers (50x and 7x rates) optimized and tweaked for full Interlude support. In-game we offer a Global Gatekeeper in towns, teleport locations are sorted by player level; NPC Buffers and we offer a GM shop that sells all items up untill A-grade.

    We've chosen to keep the server as close to retail as possible (apart from these changes). This resulted in us tweaking the profession changes and keeping the crafting system alive. On top of that we made some additions to the event system. I'd say have a look at it! :)

    Should you have any questions, suggestions, please feel free to register on our forums.
    Also check out our website! As there will be more coming very soon...