Lineage II Echo

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  • Server Owner: echoLaly
  • Language: lineage2
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  • Chronicle: Interlude
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    EXP: 35 SP: 35 Drop: 1 Adena: 100 Spoil: 1 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 21
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Server Description
It will be an World x35 rates that will have:

Main town : Giran Harbor aka Shopping Area (only there you can buy/sell)
Power Level zones :
- Execution ground from 20 - 40Lv
- Cruma tower from 40 - 52Lv
- Lair of Antharas Cave from 52 - 70Lv
- Lair of Antharas Earth from 70 - 78Lv
- Imperial Tomb 78 - 80Lv

*Aswell you have all necropolises and catacombs opened for you to get ancient adena needed for dyes.

We have party farm zones that we want to encourage the relationship between players and the will to recrute to your clans :
- Monastery of Silence Deep for mages
- Primeval Island for fighters

-- MOS Deep needs 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 1 DoomCryer/1 Overlord and Nukers.
- Mos Drops : Weapons SA / Echo Armors / Echo Weapons
-- PI needs 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 1 Doomcryer/1 Overlord and fighters (BEST TITANS)
- PI Drops : Weapons SA / Echo Armors / Echo Weapons

We have Dusk items too that can be farmed into Monastery of Silence Entrance you will see at entrance an NPC that have Dusk items for you.
- MoS Entrance is a solo player zone that drops adena and DUSK COIN.

We also have an custom armor called Platinum Armor which is better than Echo Armor and it is pretty hard to have it. We edited some existent RaidBoses that will drop parts of armors.

We indicate you zones like : Varka Zone / Ketra Zone / Primeval Island Zone / MoS Zone / Giran Town Zone.
Baium / Antharas / Valakas are droping Platinum parts too and Echo Weapons with custom skills.

Join us & have fun !