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  • Server Owner: dizzan
  • Language: lineage2
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  • Chronicle: High Five
  • Status: Offline
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    EXP: x35 SP: x35 Drop: x12 Adena: x12 Spoil: x3 Safe Enchant: x4 Max Enchant: x25
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Server Description
Our server is the best, is the perfect server for you is is is....BLA BLA BLA!!!
NO!!! L2Asgard has two servers Kastien 35x and Staris 15x that use a good java platform, we don't have tattoos that give you GM powers or armors with pink,red (laser)...npc screaming in towns or Giran town (blue)..We try to be as close to retail and gather a community of good players who love world of Lineage game. We focus more on the forum than the main webiste, because all the information you will find there. We look forward to meeting you!! Good luck!!