L2J Darkpath PVP
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  • Server Owner: darkpath
  • Language: lineage2
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  • Chronicle: High Five
  • Status: Offline
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    EXP: x500 SP: x500 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x5 Max Enchant: x20
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Server Description
Greetings Community! The Grand Opening date will be 22 September at 17:00 GMT+2 (Greek Time) Dark Path Network begins a journey, a really promising server that will satisfy your needs. We have three main key features that will make you enjoy Dark Path even more - Epic Community - Amazing Balance - Overall Gameplay __________________________________________________ ______ "Additional Information" Startup System Starting level: 85 Starting adena: 500kk Starting Town : Giran Starting Items: A/S Grade Armor | Icarus Weapons | S Grade Jewels Basic Rates Experience: 500x Skill Points: 500x Party Rates: (EXP/SP) 2x Adena Drop Rate: Custom Drop Rate: Custom Basic Features Auto Loot: Enabled Auto Loot Raid: Disabled Auto Learn Skills: Enabled Weight Limit: Disabled Death penalty: Disabled Subclass Without Quest: Enabled Autolearn class skills : Enabled Autolearn forgotten skills : Enabled Offline Shop : Enabled Clan penalties : Disabled Augmentation High Grate Lifestone: 10% (Farm) Top Grade Lifestone: 15% (Vote/Bosses/TvT) Enchant Rates Enchant Safe: +5 Enchant Max With Normal/Blessed Scrolls: +15 Enchant Max With Crystal/Raid Scrolls: +20 Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate: 100% Crystal Enchant Scroll Rate: 60% Raid Enchant Scroll Rate: 100% Element Stone Rate : 100% Element Crystal Rate : 100% Newbie Protectors Beware karma players! These guards kill karma players in order to give new players a fair chance to gear up. Noblesse System In order to become Noblesse you'll need speak on Services Manager. You can become Noblesse but it costs 100 PVP Coins. Events Automatic TvT Event every 60 minutes. Reward: 5 Top Grade Lifestones Lv 84 - TvT Event - The classic old school event! One team fight vs other team. Full buffs event, Potions also allowed! Additional Information Olympiad Circle every week Olympiad start 18:00 end 00:00 (retail) Anti-Farm Protection for PvP Max Buffs amount 28+4 Max dance amount 14 Player spawn protection PvP Items can be augmented Public Vote Reward system (with ip protection) PvP Rank System PvP Reward System PvP Color System Combo Kill System Multifunction Zone (Inside this zone you get instaflag) Custom Community Board Wedding System Oly max Enchant +6 Max Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character Custom Cancelation Buffs return back after 15 seconds Additional player commands /unstuck - 15 seconds .tvt - You can view tvt info when you are on TvT Event. .changepassword - You can change your account password. .pvpinfo - You can view your pvp rank. /unstuck - Teleport you to the nearest town.[15 seconds] Custom Clan System Clan Level Up ItemsNeeded : Lv5 - Free Lv6 - 2000 DpN Coins Lv7 - 3000 DpN Coins Lv8 - 4000 DpN Coins Lv9 - 5000 DpN Coins Lv10 - 6000 DpN Coins Lv11 - 15000 DpN Coins Note: You can level up your clan and obtain fame with farm coins from Services Manager! Custom Npc's Npc Buffer GM Shop Special Shop Global Gatekeeper Services Manager NOTE: Features are not done yet we will announce soon the full features of our server! ____________________ Find us! Website: http://l2dpn.eu/ Forum: http://l2dpn.eu/forum/ Facebook: https://facebook.com...329165210588221 Twitter: Under Construction Google plus: Under Construction Regards, L2DarkPathNetwork Server Management!