• Member Since: 2015-12-16 13:21:10
  • Server Owner: bestpvp
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x300 SP: x300 Drop: x10 Adena: x300 Spoil: x10 Safe Enchant: x4 Max Enchant: x18
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Server Description
About the project: Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300. Full implementation of the chronicles. Level off PTS ! A balanced economy and minimum Donate ! The balance of class and really interesting concept ! Maximum pvp on epic bosses and location ! Chronicles Interlude. Rates x300 Mobs champions (76-80 lvl, isolated aura) Tasty drop from raid bosses 76+ lvl! Farm area with Tyrannosaurus, Rep 1 minute, Drop Life Stone - 25% Free access to all the catacombs and the Necropolis! Beginning of the game: The ability to create a character with a English and Russian nickname! Starting at Goddard, level 20, D-grade, 50kk aden startup Skill Noblese Blessing at the start, Sub-class without quest. Available up to 5 sub-class-s For Noblesse, enough killing Noblesse RB! Sharpening: Secure sharpening 3 to 4 whole armor Maximum sharpening weapons 18 Maximum sharpening armor 15 Chance sharpening 60% to 15, after the 30% The system of clans: When you create a clan has 5 lvl. The system of bonuses clans Fine output of the clan - 1 hour Number of clans in an alliance: not more than 3 To declare war requires 5 people For killing Vara 50 bonus reputation Olympics: Period Olympics week. Issuance of Hero on Saturday. Restrictions on sharpening competition 8 (worn above) To start the non-class fighting requires 3 players Before the battle skills are rolled back. Raid Bosses: All RB added to drop 76+ Life Stone, Nephilim and Zombie shields. The revival of normal Raid Boss 12-24 hours. Respawn noblesse RB 3 hours (+ -) 1 hour. Announcement of spawn The level of epic bosses standard. Time Revival changed. All Epic bosses realized AoE and PVP zone PVP and event: In PvP Reward issued Golden Apiga, which can be exchanged at GM shop. TvT Event is held every 2 hours (5 Prize Festival Adena) CTF The event is held every 3 hours (5 Prize Festival Adena, Gold Bar) Buffer: The ability to store up to 5 profiles on the character. Convenient kits mage / warrior.