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  • EXP Rate: 1000
  • SP Rate: 1000
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 5000
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 12
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
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Server Uptime

Hello dear reader,in the next couple minutes i will be describing to you L2 Relion Gaming Server,an Interlude PvP Server,if you continue to read this thread.If this is too long for you to read it,i challenge you to join and try our server. ?#?Grand? Openning 28.8.2014 18;00 GMT+2 ?#?Waiting? Up to 150+ players EXP,SP,Adena & Drop Rates Experience,skill points and adena are set to x1000 You are starting 80 level Starting Items,Location Every new created character will start with 500kk Enchant Rates & Limits Our server introduces nomal,blessed and crystall scrols for enchanting. Safe Enchant:3 Normal Scrolls: 70% Rate,+10 Maximum Enchant-If it fails,it breaks! Blessed Scrolls: 100% Rate,+10 Maximum Enchant Crystal Scrolls: 50% Rate, +12 Maximum Enchant if it fails,the enchant reduced to +4 Augmentations & Limits Our augmentation system is (1+1) When you'll remove your augmented weapon,if you had an active it will not be removed. Chances: Top Grade LS: 13% High Grade LS: 7% Mid Grade LS: 5% General Informations Here are some general information regarding the server. Skills are auto-learn, grade/weight limit is lifted, death penalty doesn't exist. Buffs are set to 1 hours, you can't buff from buffer while you're registered for olympiad and so on. Buff limit is set to 36+4 including self-buffs and de-buffs. You can't teleport while you're flagged. Unstuck is 15 seconds. We have a custom tattoo that will increase your maximum cp by 1000. You'll need to farm your way up, to get gear and enchant them or to enchant your skills. You can get pretty much anything you need within mass vote reward & events. Balance: A hard issue to deal with, we're taking care of it day by day. Raiding & Noblesse Want to know how to get epic jewels or become noblesse? Read on! We have 6 grand-bosses that you won't need quest item to teleport (You just walk to Gatekeeper and you teleport) and along with them we have 7 custom-bosses. You can obtain epics through events but if you want a more sure way, you can gather your clan and start raiding! Raid-bosses drop epic jewels, one for each boss. To become Noblesse, you'll need to find Nobless Trader. You won't need a quest to obtain Caradine's Letter, you just need 3 Vote Items. Currencies We made a coin for each one of our needs, we kept adena as main currency as well. Adena Gold Bar Vote Item Custom Clan Reputation Item Clans, Alliances & Sieges Not that easy to get full skills but not that hard to level up. Needs a bit of farm but a devoted clan will more than easily make it! Eggs are needed to get skills and you can get them through our shop. There are not clan penalties. Sieges are every 2 weeks. The maximum an alliance can accept is 3 clans. Zones, Farming & Raidbosses Starting/Safe Farm Zone - Giran Harbor Solo Farm Zone - Cruma Tower/Stakato Nest Party Farm Zone - Pagan Temple Once you teleport to Grand or Custom Bosses, you'll get PvP flagged. Events Team vs Team (TvT) Gamemaster manual events Pre-announced party-clan events within our forum Olympiad Systems Olympiad is a nice and competitive way of playing the game, isn't it? Besides the anti-feed we wanted to enhanced it a bit for you! Skills Reuse: When you'll be teleported to the arena, all of your skills will be ready for use so you can fight the match to the fullest! Ranking: Ranks are updated when Olympiad ends and you can see when the ranking was last updated. Timing & Period: Period is every 2 week and olympiad runs 6 hours every day but Sunday which is the day that the period ends. Grand-bosses Spawn Info Antharas = 4h+1 Valakas = 4h+1 Baium = 3h+1 Core = 2h+1 Orfen = 2h+1 Queen Ant = 3h+1 Zaken = 3h+1 Frintezza = 4h+1
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