• Member Since: 2019-10-07 23:06:58
  • Server Owner: L2alkar
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x3 SP: x3 Drop: x3 Adena: x3 Spoil: x3 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x20
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Server Description
Dear friends!

Finally, we are ready to make a very important and expected announcement.

We are ready to open doors into the world of Interlude x3 Alkar for you. The world, where there is no place to wait for help. The world, where Lineage 2 players will remember what real Lineage 2 is. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance! Can you survive all that awaits you on the other side of the screen? Can you forget the caring Lineage, constantly giving tips, bonuses and gifts?
We believe in you!

We are waiting for you in our World
October 24th 2019 - 19:00 CEST!
How to check CEST time?

How hard will it be:
XP: x3
SP: x3
ADENA: x1 (amount)
DROP: x1 (chance)
SPOIL: x1 (chance) x1 (amount)
QUEST: x2 (xp/adena)
Raid Bosses: x1 (chance)

Server Name: Alkar x3
Chronicles: Interlude
Platform: Java
Open Beta Test: October 17
Server Start: October 24, 2019

Except: Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Baium, Zaken, Frintezza, Antharas,Valakas x1 (chance), Epic Jewels x1 (chance)

Download client server and patch:

Patch Link (will be available latter)
Game Client - (will be available latter)

To start playing, just go to the system folder and run l2.exe.

Game at start:
Free Teleporters Level 1 to 40
Chance and maximum sharpening level of weapons, armor and jewelry according to Interlude
Offline trading is available to all players from the start .offline
Olympiad period 1 month

Respawn Bosses:

Respawn regular bosses:
The general rep of ordinary RBs is 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours

Respawn sab-class and noble RB:
Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours
Death Lord Hallate - 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours
Kernon - 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours
Longhorn Golkonda - 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours
Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 24 hours +/- random time 12 hours

Respawn of epic bosses:
The spawn of all Epic raid bosses is installed on the classic Off server.

Seven seals:

Registration in seven seals will begin with the opening of the server.
Before the start of initialization, the entrance to the catacombs will be available, but the stones will not fall

Clan Halls:

Clan Halls can buy clans of level 5 and above
The server administration reserves the right to take CH from inactive clans


Standard Interlude-mechanics of the Olympics
Access to the Olympics is possible from level 76

Dear friends!

Novelty is the best time to join our server as never before!

You do not need to be afraid to start from 0 on the server.
And now we will explain why.

We have gifts that will help our newcomers!

Character Starter Pack!

All characters will receive a starter pack that will help beginners get started faster!
1.Soulshot (No-grade) x3000 / Blessed Spiritshot (No-grade) x3,000
2.Healing potion x10
3.Scroll of Escape x3
4.Scroll of resurrection x3
5.Buff set x3 ( Scroll of Wind Walk, Scroll of Might, Scroll of Regeneration, Scroll Shield, Scroll of Agility, Scroll of Haste, Scroll of Acumen, Scroll of Death Wisper)
6.Newbie Weapon (No-grade).