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  • EXP Rate: 3000
  • SP Rate: 3000
  • Drop Rate: 3000
  • Adena Rate: 3000
  • Safe Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 18
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zones:
  • Custom Weapons:
  • Custom Armors:
  • Offline Shop:
  • Donations:

Server Uptime

Virus is a new Interlude custom-pvp project,made for you with alot of love,involvment,lost night and...broken keyboards.We are planning in offering you a unique gameplay system made to gain as much as possible pvp counts.The server is running with actives augments stack (1 passive + more actives)There are 3 farming zones:*Farm (Non-flag zone)*PvP-Farm (Auto-flag zone,better drop than on farm zone).You must fight for your spot*Raid Boss Zone: Antharas Nest .Ther are 3 powerful raidbosses inside this area (Bakasura,Lindvior,Fafurion). Take your clan and defeat Raid Bosses to get large amounts of items.Beware,your clan is not the only one present there so you must also conquer the Nest.Items to farm for:*1 Custom Armor Set (Poseidon)*1 Custom Weapon Set (Icarus)*Epic Jewels*40+ Hair accesoryes and masks*2 Agathions*2 Shields*Dyes*Enchant Scrolls*Power Boosters (Vote Buff,Hero Coin,Noblesse Coin)*Stryders*Lifestones*Book of giants*Full Clan LvL 8 Coin*Clan Reputation Coin*Clan Skills-Proffesional Gm Team-Assist System-24 Hours PvP-Minimum Donates-Optimized For Solo And Cp Players-100% Uptime And Stability Protection Status