• Member Since: 2016-02-26 11:54:14
  • Server Owner: L2Faris
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform:
  • Chronicle: Goddess of Destruction
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: 100000 SP: 100000 Drop: 100000 Adena: 100000 Spoil: 100000 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 16
Owner has tracking disabled
Server Description
Faris is an Underground high-rate PVP server, designed to be a long-term server, this means that it's not just a "join and kill" server, and if that is what you're looking for then you're in the wrong place.

Nowadays almost all high-rate PvP servers die after around 3-4 months, and after analyzing the current situation in many well-known servers as well as the official, we designed our L2Faris server.

We want to offer our players an active, long-term gameplay which should keep you entertained for at least 8+ months

Some of our general features are:
XP, SP Rates: x100.000
Raid Drop, Adena Rate: x1
Very helpful start pack
Simplified Economy: 3 Coin types
Dynamic farm zones with dynamic drop
PvP Reward on dynamic farm zones
Special dimensional siege event every Saturday
Max character level: 105
Max item enchant: +16
Max item enchant at Olympiad Games: +8
Max item enchant at Events: +8
Safe enchant +3
Max skill enchant: +20
Max element enchant: Level 6
More than 10 automated events (each 40 minutes)
Offline traders
Max clans in alliance: 2
Auto-loot on epic raids to the "most damage" party
Olympiad Period: 2 Weeks (running on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)
Required players to level up your clan to max level: 30
Required players in clan to receive a war: 20
Clan penalties: 3 hours
Alliance penalties: 5 hours
Vote System
Premium Antibot
Highly-qualified staff
Automated events (TvT, Find the flag, Capture the base, Last Hero, etc)