• Member Since: 2016-03-08 16:50:06
  • Server Owner: L2Deity
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: 100 SP: 100 Drop: 1 Adena: 500 Spoil: 1 Safe Enchant: 6 Max Enchant: 25
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Server Description
Hello Everyone.

Server Grand Opening 25/03/2016

Accounts are auto-created

.::Server Info::.

Safe : 6
Max : 20
Max with Crystal : 25
Normal : 65%
Blessed : 95%
Crystal : 100%

Custom NPC's.png
Scheme Buffer
Full GMShop with customs etc.
Global Gatekeeper
Top PvP/PK List
Raid Boss Info Status
Raid Boss Gatekeeper
Rebirth Manager
Skill Enchanter
Clan Manager
Dyes Manager


Server Features.png
300Mbit Uplink Port
2x250GB HDD
Botting & Exploiting Protected

Instant 80 Level
Exp : x100
Sp : x100
Adena : x500
Auto-learn Skills
Offline Shops
Subclass & Nobless Without Quest
Max Subs : 3

Buff/de-buff slots : 45+6
4 hours buffs
Spawn/Teleport Protection sec
Unstuck 15 sec
Custom Main/Starting Town

Custom Farming Items
Custom Vesper Weapons/Armors
Custom Farming Zones
Custom Safe Areas
Custom Raid Boss

Full Daily Automated Events
Team vs Team Event Enabled
Capture The Flag Event Enabled
Death Match Event Enabled
Town War Even Enabled

Name Color System based on PvP
Rebirth System Enabled
2 Weeks Olympiad Period
WarLegend Aura at 15 consecutive pvp
RB Jewels are obtainable via Special Bosses
More are coming in the future

Windows 10 Supported
Server's Official Language Is English