• Member Since: 2018-07-12 14:40:36
  • Server Owner: EURO-PVP
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x100 SP: x100 Drop: x5 Adena: x1 Spoil: x5 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x18
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Server Description
* High-quality assembly, which corresponds to the official server Interlude * Server Rates XP: x100, SP: x100, Drop Adena: x100, Drop Items: x30, Spoil: x20, Quest: x15, Raid x10. * Unique Auction in the game, the server will make the market more advanced and relevant. * Unique in-game mail between characters, the ability to trade on "the protection (code)." * Unique character's secondary password protection! Read more. * Unique panel ALT + B, Buffer, Shop, Profession.