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  • Server Owner: Blair
  • Language: lineage2
  • Platform: L2OFF
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status: Offline
  • Server rates:
    EXP: 50 SP: 50 Drop: 8 Adena: 50 Spoil: 8 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: 25
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Server Description

XP Rate - x50
SP Rate - x50
Adena Rate - x 50
Adena Chance - 70%
Items Drop - x8
Items Spoil - x8
If chance goes higher than 100%, amount is increased

Min +3
Max +25
Weapon Rates - Info
Armor/Jewels Rate - Info

Main Features:

Stack Subclass System, Custom Tattoos, Custom Potions, Laboratory, Olympiad buffer, Unidentified items, Crafting at Blacksmith,
crafters has 10% chance to craft 2 items, New S-grade Armor set for Mages, Off-Hand dagger.
[ More Information ]

Stack Subclass System

Stack Subclass effect allows you to add a second class to your main-class, which allows stacking of skills of both classes.
You will be able to stack subclass only with your own race and can be taken only once.
[ Example Video ]

NPC Buffer and Buff skills:

NPC Buffer have basic buffs (Buffs use only 75% of original buff),
Basic Dances and Songs (Dances/Songs use only 50% of the original Dance/Song)
Buff time from NPC Buffer - 1 Hour
Buff Slots - 22+4
Buff time from buffs are retail
Dances and songs - 4 min
All prophecies - 8 min

Crafting Features:

Unidentified Items
- An unidentified item is an item that is crafted "without a Recipe", only with mats.
- Unidentified items cannot be augmented, enchanted or crystallized.
- Unidentified items can be changed into "standard item" at any Blacksmith.

Crafting items at Blair blacksmith
Blacksmiths have registered recipes armors, weapons and jewels from B to S-grade.
You can craft recipes armor, weapons and jewels B to S-grade at any Blacksmith.

Crafting items at crafting classes
Crafting an "standard item" at a crafter class it will give you a chance of 10% to craft the same "standard item" again.
Example: Crafting recipe "Dark Crystal Boots 100%" you will gain the
"standard item" and if you are lucky (10% chance) you will get another
"Dark Crystal Boots".

General Features:

- No GM Shop
- Shops sell Soulshots, Blessed Shots and Spirit Shots No-grade, D-grade and C-grade.
- Shops sell Armors, Weapons and jewels till C-grade.
- Shops sell Mana Potions (better quality Mana potions at Laboratory).
- Class changer NPC,
1st class - 100k adena,
2nd class - 800k adena,
3rd class - 250 Halisha's Mark, drops in Shrine of Loyalty near Wall of Argos.
- Auto-Learn skills / Auto-pickup / Raid Bosses retail pickup.
- There are no sealed A-grade armors/jewels, only unsealed. All A-grade
drops will be unsealed and all crafted A-grade armors/jewels will be unsealed.
- Quests increased drop rate of vital quests, amount x3 - x4
- Free teleport to other Towns.
- Weight limit increased to x2
- Retail Subclass quest is easier and quicker to finish
- Grand Bosses drop Blessed Raid Boss jewels with 25% chance to drop.
- Hero every 2 weeks.