L2EWPvP Custom Interlude PvP
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  • Server Owner: AyamiXu
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  • Chronicle: C1
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    EXP: x4000 SP: x4000 Drop: x1 Adena: x1000 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x5 Max Enchant: x20
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L2EWPvP Custom Interlude PvP
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Server Description
L2ewPvP stands for Elite Warzone and is a Lineage 2 server (using L2j) that is completely free to play and designed to maximize the enjoyment of PvP without needlessly leveling on monsters to get to the highest levels and then think about PvPing.

Server features:

Enchant Rates
Safe: +4/+5(main piece armor)
Max: +20
Regular scrolls: 65% weapon, 75% armor/jewels. Failure will break items.
Crystal scrolls +5% chances than regular scrolls. If break, item is back to +7.
Blessed scrolls: 100% till 16. Will not break items.
Skill enchant rate: Starts at 92% and every level decreases by 5%.
Other Features
-Fast leveling to level 80. From level 80 to level 85 is slow. This is to get players immediately into the PvP situation w/o putting a cap on their character advancement.
-Adena rate is reduced. The GM shop has items that cost appropriate amounts of Adena. The rest of the items are obtained in other ways.
-Teleportation is available to almost all areas of the game.
-On Enchant levels: 16 and 20 you will receive an announcement as a congratz for getting this enchant level
Newbie Merchant
-When you spawn on the start up zone speak with Aerin, in your inventory you will have Newbie Coupons
-You can exchange them for the Unique Gear
Custom Shop
- When you Buy a custom item it will be automatically random enchanted from 5-20 scale with 66% chance
.inspect (you can inspect player's inventory)
.privacy (you can set your inventory uninspectable)
NPC Buffer
-L2ewPvP has a NPC buffer where it offers you almost all buffs and songs/dances. There?s three ways to get buffs: You can make schemes of up to 40 buffs on
fighters and 39 buffs on mages and it will save the schemes on your character (up to 8 schemes per character). When you need to get buffs, simply click on the scheme you created and you?ll instantaneously receive the buffs. The other way to get buffs is to simply click on ?single buffs? and choose from the categories of buffs to be applied one at a time or simply just go straight to auto buffer or zerg auto buff.
-Any self-buffs, such as Rage, Warcry, Noblesse blessing, etc, do not take up buff slots.
-The Buffer has a heal function that will restore you and your pet to full status, you cannot use the buffer while flagged or in combat mode.
-The Buffer is spawned in towns.
-No weight penalty, no grade penalty, no exp loss in PVP, gain exp in PVP.
-Marriage System: Married couples can teleport to each other. Married couples get Cupid?s bows that can shoot healing arrows. Married couples also get yellow name
-For every 150-500 PvPs you gain a custom skill, and your name/title colors change to a different color.
PvP, Classes and Skills
-Meticulously balanced classes. No more archer or necro zerg.
-Supporting classes that have their buffs in the buffer are given other functions. For example various skills have been added to BD/SWS/Prophets.
-Bladedancer and Swordsinger?s hits can hit up to 2 targets per one swing depends the weapon you have equiped.
-Enchanting BD or SWS?s dances or songs with +cost will increase their power by 1%. They then can be used to buff parties with slightly better songs and dances.
-Classes that shouldn?t be using heavy armor get a penalty for using heavy armors. Classes that shouldn?t be using bows get a penalty for using bows.
-All except healing skills do not use mana nor do they consume items like Soul ore. (This effect will be applied using our mana Custom skill)
- Gludin village is a normal zone where you can have an arena-like PvP.
-Fighting between clan members will always be PvP (purple), even if you PK a clan member. Having a clan member kill you while you have karma will NOT make you drop items.
-There are 3 main zones for farming.
-Cave of trials (Unique), this cave also has many good monsters (mainly party monsters) that got very nice drops
-Cemetery : This zone has many extra monsters that have unique drops such as custom jewls, rare monsters drop them and also if you are like you will loot rare materials
-Ruins of Despair (Elite Zone) This zone is full of mini raidbosses with plenty of drops, Requires a good party if you want to stay alive there.
-Just a note: All monsters have respawn times starting from 60seconds to 10800 seconds, depends monster and its rarity.
-Shift click on monster: Shows the exact looting list and monsters respawn time.
Geodata and Autoevents
-Full Geodata and path-finding is enabled, walling is disabled.
- Public Instance: Kill the 3 raidbosses (easy , hard, extra hard) and get nice drops [Restrictions]: must be level 84+ , must have 50 pvps. - Public Instance: is available 1 time per day -Autoevents such as TvTs, CTFs,, DMs. All events have absolutely robust team-attack protection, spawn zone protection. You also gain PvP(s) on events.
-GM and Server hosted events.
Subclass, leveling ,Nobless and Hero
[Subclassing and levels]
-A character can instantly subclass to any class after level 76.
-Characters can have up to 10 subclasses.
-Maximum character level is 85. Experience decreases after level 80.
-Subclasses can level up to lvl 85 as well, and can learn forgotten skills.
[Noblesse and Hero]
-To get Noblesse you must get caradine's letter from shop
-Heros are chosen every two weeks.
-Hero weapons are boosted but not enchantable
-There is a item-limiter to prevent heroes from using advanced equipment in Olympiad, as well as skill-restrictions and same IP checks.
-The tiers of weapons are: S grade SA, , Unique , Dynasty S, Rykros/Relic + Demonic (Female Only Texture), Unique (monster) weapons and Evil relic
-Armor sets are: A/S grades (A grade weapons are boosted to be on the same level as S grades and better)
-Over 50+ accessories offering different stat boosts to characters. A character can wear two accessories at the same time. Some high-end accessories are obtained through farming/raiding.
-5 new custom jewelry and 10+ tattoos each giving a different bonus.
-Augmentations: No Skills are possible to get.
-Evil Relic Weapons: ToFA(Arcane Frenzy)-Works like frenzy but for mages, Dragons Tooth(Dragon Thunder)-paralyzes target,Corrupted Lidia(Hex-Absolute)-Hex the target,Doom's Apostle(Overwhelming Doom)-Silence Target,Wraith(Kiss of Wraith) Paralyzes Target,Corrupted Wings(Corrupted Senses)Decreasing all physical and magical reuses.Some Evil Relics doesnt give a special Skill
Clans,Sieges and Fortress Sieges
-Major Castle Sieges: Innadril, Aden, Rune, Schuttgart, (every week). Possessing a castle gives the clan benefits. For example the Castle randomly
has special teleporters. Castle circlets give bonuses.
-Edited raid bosses gives players on this high rate challenges and rewards.
-Extra measures applied to rid of cheaters and exploiters ? such as IP and previous target checks for pvp points, and auto-captcha kicking/banning botters.
Come on. Try it, you won't be disappointed!