✔l2epic.ru interlude+ pvp - opening soon!❤️
  • Member Since: 2024-02-22 21:23:41
  • Server Owner: Yarpi
  • Language: Russian
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status:
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x100000 SP: x1 Drop: x1 Adena: x1 Spoil: x1 Safe Enchant: x15 Max Enchant: x75
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✔l2epic.ru interlude+ pvp - opening soon!❤️
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Server Description
Interlude+ server chronicles with additions.
Server rates x100,000.
Your character starts at level 80 in the city of Giran with beginner buffs and wings.
Leveling is completely removed. You are ready to go into battle immediately.
Character development will keep you entertained. Regular events spice up the atmosphere on the server.
Why play with us?
Responsive administration.
The project is aimed at working without wipes! Your items and characters will never disappear after years.
Continuous work is being done on the server.
A balanced game world where any class can stand its ground.
4 levels of Armor (+ unique gloves and boots).
4 levels of Weapons.
4 levels of Wings, Helmets, Tattoos.
Maximum enchant +75, Safe enchant +15
Enchant chance ~95%, failure resets to +15
Automatic events (TvT, LastHero)
Class balance
Skill enchant chance: Top LS 10%, Lucky LS 25%
PK drop exists, with Anti-PK in some areas
New karma accumulation and cleansing system
Various server currencies
Castle sieges every 7 days
Heroes every Monday
Olympiad starts at 20:00 and ends at 23:00
Unique new, convenient NPCs (buffer, shops, GK)
Farming zones by difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
Multiple teleport points in each farming zone level
PvP zone Frintezza's Lair. PvP drop x2 in the zone
Many new, unique Raid Bosses.
No freezes, lags on the server.
Server operates 24/7.
Convenient .menu command.
Account binding by HWID.