• Member Since: 2023-06-29 21:28:23
  • Server Owner: carter
  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
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  • Server rates:
    EXP: x45 SP: x45 Drop: x10 Adena: x45 Spoil: x10 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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Server Description
Autolearn all skills include divine insipiration lv4
Auto loot configurable by commands menu or cfg use whichever suits you best
Shift click on monsters to see the droplist
Offline shop by command offline
Simplified augment system with repeat button and right click on life stone
Inventory slots 150 for all It is possible to increase for the event vote medals and donate
Weight limit increased x20
Skill Sweeper Festival added to Scavenger class at level 28
Restore life and Buffs does not work in Raid Boss or Epic Boss
Cancel all skills with cancel effect removes buffs for 20 seconds then the buffs return
FOI Flames of Invincibility only for movement spells not required effect disappear on casting or hitting
30 minutes reuse to whole clan Its mean if your clan use FOI you can use it again in 30 minutes
All skills type of resurrection effect lasts 5 minutes
When resurrecting an already resurrected player the resurrection timer resets
Blessed Scroll of Resurection has 10 seconds cast
Mana Potion restores 1000 MP with 5 second reuse
Buff slots 32 buff duration 2h selfbuffs retail
All buffs are free for all
Malaria flu cholera rheuma not cleansable
Possible to remove buffs by using the AltClick combination
The maximum number of clans that can form an alliance is 3 including your own clan and two additional clans This means that you can create an alliance with a total of three clans combining your forces and resources to strengthen your side and coordination in the game Working together with your allied clans can provide strategic advantages and improve your overall gameplay experience
The maximum number of members allowed in a clan is 72 Please note that the academy and royals are disabled
There are no penalties associated with inviting or expelling members from a clan You have the freedom to invite new members to join your clan without any negative consequences or penalties
Buff for clan members when clan has a castle The potential stats granted to clan members by castles can be viewed in the Castle Siege description These effects provide significant boosts to the offensive capabilities of clan members enhance their survivability with increased health and mana reserves and improve the speed at which they can perform attacks and cast spells NOT applied in olympiad
The maximum number of clients allowed per Hardware ID HWID is 2
We have implemented an advanced anticheat system specifically the Premium version of Active Anti Cheat to protect the game from unauthorized automation or botting activities This premium version provides enhanced security measures and detection capabilities to effectively identify and prevent cheating attempts
S grade 100 recipes you need x2 materials to craft
Fang of Stakato tradable
Zariche and Akamanah enabled
For more detailed information about our server please visit our website at l2libertycom