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  • Platform: L2OFF
  • Chronicle: Interlude
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    EXP: x50 SP: x50 Drop: x10 Adena: x1 Spoil: x10 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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Server Description
Opening: 24.03.2023 at 20:00 GMT+3!rnrnThe maximum number of game windows is unlimited.rnrnChronicle: InterludernrnClient: ClassicrnDear players our server is running only on the Classic Client. To play on our server you will need to download the client from our website.rnrnWarning! If you do not see a description of a particular system - then its mechanics correspond to the official version of the game.rnrnRates:rnExp/SP: x7rnAdena: x3rnDrop: x5rnSpoil: x5rnSealStones: x3rnRB EXP/SP: x10rnRB Drop Chance: x5rnEpicRB Drop: x1rnQuest Drop*: x1rnQuest Reward (adena/exp/sp): x1rnRates for popular quests:rnGather the Flames - rate x2rnRelics of the Old Empire - rate x2rnThe Finest Food - rate x4rnAlliance with Varka Silenos - rate x4rnAlliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x4rnWar with Ketra - rate x4, Molar of Ketra OrcrnWar with Varka - rate x4, Varka's ManernThe Zero Hour - rate x5, Stakato FangrnYoke of the Past - x5rnIn Search of Fragments of Dimension - amount x5rnGuardians of The Holy Grail - x5rnSeekers of the Holy Grail - x5rnExploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 - chance x5rnExploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 - chance x5rnrnPremium Rates:rnExp/SP: x10rnAdena: x5rnSpoil: x7rnSealStones: x5rnIncreases time from buff effects by half, except Prophecy of Fire, Wind, Water; Chant of Victory, Magnus; Blessing or Gift of Seraphim/Queen (does not apply to selfies).rnrnRunes:rnAll runes add +0.3 to your rakernRune of Exp/SP +30%rnRune of Drop +30%rnRune of Adena +30% (Influences the Falling Seal Stone count beside Adena)rnRune of Spoil +30%rnRune of Master (4 runes in one) + 30%rnRunes can be obtained for:rn- victories in Event (TvT, CtF).rn- purchased at GM shop for Coin of Luck.rn- As a referral - at the entrance to the game and at the receipt of 1/2/3 of the profession.rnrnAdditionally:rnA more comfortable start with the referral program.rnLearning skills up to 3 professions does not require books.rnD/C/B equipment can be bought for crystals in Luxury Shop (rare set pieces are available).rnBuffing time from NPC buffer (2-profession) - 30 minutes (exception - premium account; x2).rnBuffs time of 3 professions, kon\kot - 5 minutes.rnNumber of buff slots - 20+4 (Normal + Divine Inspiration)rnNewbie Buffer - supports you from level 1 to 62, and Buff time = 60 minutes.rnThe maximum number of game windows is unlimited.rnThe date of the first slaughter will be announced in the announcement of the game world, on sufficient achievements in character development.rnCursed Weapon (Akamanah, Zariche) - in the drop in 14 days from the start of the server.rnSub-Class - reduced quest (Star of Destiny can be purchased in the game store).rnNoblesse - passing the quest (Lunargent's and Hellfire Oil can be purchased in the game store).rnSeven Seals in a 7 day cyclernThe start of the seven seals - 04/27/2023rnEvent: Mon 6pm - Fri 06:00pmrnSeal: Fri 06:15 - Fri 17:45rnafter the start until the first Monday - kats are initially open to all, no stones droprnrnBuy 1 profession - 100,000a; 2 - 1,000,000a.rnAutoloot items.rnDrop Herb's MP and HP (with reduced chance)rnExperience blocking with .exp command.rnSelling crystallization services and character buffs.rnDuration of the /unstuck command - 60 seconds.rnReduced the amount of Soulshot consumed by half for D-Grade and C-Grade bows of all kinds.rnFree teleport to trade zone from Gatekeeper and return to old town.rn.findstore - opens the "market search" window with various options for searching.rnShift+click - shows the contents in mobs drop.rnAlt+click on buffs - cancels the effect.rnBlocking buffs with the following commands: .blockbuff, .blockbuff self, blockbuff all.rnOther expansions with certain level of VIP system.rnTeleportation to territories up to Dion Town has a halved cost.rnMana Potion - Restores 10% of mana and has a cooldown of 3 seconds, not allowed in battle (not sold in normal stores)rnVIP system and Daily Missions upgrade for VIP points.rnrnrnChanges concerning Destroyer class - increased Soulshot D-Grade consumption by 2 times, C/B/A/S-Grade consumption by 3 times in case of Guts or Frenzy effect, using spade.rnShadow items disabled.rnFishing.rnUse the Trading Area (teleport from Gateekeper) to trade. The other areas are disabled.rn