• Member Since: 2022-01-24 17:03:56
  • Server Owner: L2Limit
  • Language: English
  • Platform: L2JAVA
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Status:
  • Server rates:
    EXP: x20 SP: x20 Drop: x8 Adena: x10 Spoil: x7 Safe Enchant: x3 Max Enchant: x16
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    good (97)
    meh (10)
    bad (7)
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    good (95)
    meh (11)
    bad (8)
  • GM Activity:
    good (95)
    meh (11)
    bad (8)
  • Donation Options:
    good (75)
    meh (16)
    bad (23)
  • Farming Style:
    good (85)
    meh (15)
    bad (14)
  • Gameplay:
    good (92)
    meh (12)
    bad (10)
  • DDOS / BOT Protection:
    good (93)
    meh (11)
    bad (10)
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Server Description
⚔️L2 Limit Project⚔️rnrn🕹️ Interlude x20 Serverrn🛡️NON-STOP PVPrn🌐COMMUNITY FROM AROUND THE WORLDrn⚠️ Unique Feauturesrn⚒️ Medium Farmrn🔧 Medium Enchant Ratesrn✅ Well Balancern✅ Stable Projectrn✅ No Pay to Winrn✅ Many Eventsrn💰200 EURO GIRAN OR ADEN CASTLE WINNERrn TEAMrn♥️High Competition rn🏁 Forget About The Rest And Join With The Best rnrn📣 L2Limit Project🎊rn📋BASIC FEATURES:rnrn📢Exp/SP: x20rn📢Adena: x10rn📢Drop: х8rn📢Spoil: x7rn📢 SealStones: x6rn📢RB Exp/SP: х5rn📢RB Drop: :x2rn📢Epic Rb Drop: x1rn📢Quest: x1rnrnFind usrn↪️Website: www.l2limit.eurn↪️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/Lineage2Limit.eurn↪️Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/l2limitinterlude/rn↪️Discord: https://discord.gg/gDQPFVwnZ7rnrnrnrn⚔️L2 Limit Project⚔️rnrnDear players, Welcome to L2LimitrnThe most balanced Interlude project, with unique features that players love. L2Limit is coming to change the Interlude community, with long term designed project and GM staff always online and ready to support the Community.rnWe are happy to discuss the date when our server will finally start! After many months of work on L2Limit, We almost reached a desired point so that we can start without problems!rnrnDear friends, Since you heard about L2Limit and you have been waiting for it day by day. Well, From now, Keep your eyes around here.rnWe will start on February 12, 2022rnrnDon't wait! You can see what L2Limit can provide you, Jump to L2Limit 20x Features Overview or join our Beta server NOWrnrnDon't forget to call your friends!rn